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About Us

So you want to know more about what JemCon does and what Jem means to us? Or maybe, you don't have a clue about who Jem even is and need a bit of clarification? In either case, the information provided below should help.


What is JemCon?
JemCon is an annual convention which celebrates the Jem animated series and line of fashion dolls from Hasbro. The convention provides a fun filled weekend for all ages, in a warm and friendly environment and attracts visitors from all over the world.

What happens at a JemCon convention?
Many events and activities take place during a JemCon convention, including voice actor and production guest panels, fun and informative fan discussion panels and tutorial workshops. We also have dealer stalls and amazing rare prototypes and custom doll displays, along with special guest performances, games and quizzes, Jem Karaoke, fancy dress/costume masquerade and evening disco. It really is a fun place to be!

Do I have to be a member of the JemCon website/messageboard to be eligible to attend the JemCon convention weekend?
No. Anybody can attend. You will just need to register for attendance to the convention weekend, but in doing so, there is no obligation to sign up to the website/messageboard.

If I register to attend the JemCon convention, does that automatically make me a member of the JemCon website/messageboard?
No. Registering to attend the JemCon convention weekend and registering to become a member of the JemCon website/messageboard are two entirely seperate things.

Do I have to pay to become a member of the JemCon website/messageboard?
No, it's FREE! You only pay a fee to attend the JemCon convention weekend. The registration page provides details of various membership packages to potentital visitors of the convention.


About Jem
Jem animation and representation is for identification and educational purposes only

Who or what is "Jem"?
Jem (or Jem and the Holograms) is an American cartoon series, that originally aired in 6-minute segments on Super Sunday/Super Saturday, between 1985 and 1988 in the US.

The story covers the adventures of music executive Jerrica Benton, her rock star alter-ego, Jem, her band the Holograms, and their rivalry with mischief-making rock group, the Misfits. For many, the show's attraction lies with the upbeat music and 180+ songs "performed" by each band throughout the series.

How was Jem developed and who was involved?
Hasbro, Marvel Comics, and Sunbow Productions, who were responsible for G.I. Joe and Transformers, jointly collaboration to produce the Jem cartoon, but it was Griffin-Bacal advertising agency who Hasbro hired to create the 65 episode animated series.

Christy Marx wrote 22 of the 65 episodes and developed all character relationships, including the Jem/Jerrica and Rio love-triangle. She based her writing on the Jem doll line and original concept, which consisted of the two female rock groups, computer Synergy, boyfriend Rio, and the Rockin' Roadster car.

Originally, the main character was called "Misty", then "M," but because the letter "M" could not be trademarked, "Jem" emerged as an alternative.

What Jem merchandise was produced by Hasbro?
The Jem toy line was a revolution in its day. It brought us, 27 beautiful 12.½" fully-poseable dolls (most with audio cassettes), 73 glamorous fashions and 12 exciting play sets (many with electronic extras such as working cassette players, radios, loud speakers and keyboards), during its few years of production.
(For further information on the Jem toy line produced by Hasbro, please refer to our JemCon FAQs page)

So, will there be a Jem revival?
During 2008 and 2009, Hasbro showed some legal activity in maintaining their trademarks and intellectual property, leading some fans to believe there may be a Jem revival.

When interviewed in 2004, Christy Marx stated:
"I would like to see that [a Jem revival] happen. I don't want to go into a lot of detail, but the whole rights situation for Jem is very, very complicated. Believe me, if there were a simple straightforward way to do it, it would be done. But there are some very big complications that are in the way at the moment." - Christy Marx

In October 2011 however, Hasbro hosted a booth at New York Comic-Con that featured a display of vintage boxed Jem dolls. They also used models posing as Jem characters to hand out Jem-themed freebies, including Jem/Hub sweatbands, a Patrick Nagel inspired Jem poster and "Jem on DVD" inflatable guitar. An exclusive comic and UNIT:E poster also featured a revamped Synergy (middle-center) and new-look Jem/Jerrica art, which seems to indicate that Hasbro will be updating new toy lines, movies, and/or TV series of the pictured brands. However, solid confirmation of this has yet to be established.

In July 2012, Hasbro also hosted a booth at San Diego Comic-Con, where they debuted the first Jem doll in 25 years! A limited edition Hollywood Jem doll, licensed by Hasbro and produced by Integrity Toys, Inc. and she certainly caused quite a stir! The low production numbers coupled with increased popularity made this an expensive and much sought-after doll, proving once again that Jem has made a comeback and with a new wave of dolls being released in November 2012 the best is yet to come.

The future for Jem is now brighter than it once was, and with the support of an ever-growing fan-base, we will endeavor to keep the fun and memories alive and our sights on the horizon.

Can I buy the full run of Jem (all 65 episodes) on DVD?
Yes! Thanks to Shout!Factory, we can now enjoy all 65 episodes of Jem on one fantastic 11-DVD box set! See the DVD trailer below for more information;