Important Announcement about JemCon 2020

With very heavy hearts, the staff has decided that we will be officially cancelling the in-person part of JemCon 2020, due to the associated health risks and travel disruptions caused by the CoronaVirus pandemic. (Our tentative plan for 2021* is farther below.)

If you have already registered for JemCon 2020, we are reaching out to you individually via email with detailed options for transferring or refunding your registration.

So what will happen on the original August 26-28 dates of JemCon 2020? The JemCon 2020 staff is exploring virtual convention possibilities! We still have our confirmed special guests, Christy Marx and Carla Reis, available as virtual guests-- plus, our super-special-secret media premiere/Q&A can be virtual, and we’re working on ways to present more of our traditional content.

The upside is that JemCom 2020: Virtual Jem Jam will be our chance to unite a more diverse and inclusive crowd of Jem fans than ever before possible!

More truly outrageous details to follow soon!

*Our current plan is to postpone JemCon in Minneapolis until 2021. At this time, we are hammering out the new contract, to be held at the same site. Further details and dates will follow as soon as we have them!

Will it be safe to gather in larger groups by fall of 2021? No one knows yet. But we will make plans and adjust as new information and data are factored in. Love will show the way!

Updates will be provided on our website and social media ( ). Please feel free to email us ([email protected]) with any questions.


M. Milburn's picture

Hi there! I'm Jem fan from Vancouver, Canada. First of all, my condolences to all the people who'd been planning to go to JemCon this year and are now unable to meet in person. However, I'm one of the fortunate people who will now be able to participate due to JemCon 2020 going virtual. I hope this means that we can make a lot of new friends to share our passion with!

I had a question about how to participate in JemCon 2020 virtually as an artist. Personally, I had two ideas I'd love to participate with. First, I was thinking of creating Jem colouring pages to be shared on Instagram ( Second, I was wondering if there was some way to hold a virtual "screening" of any fan works, e.g., music videos or video remixes. I've been making remixes of Jem videos on YouTube lately (e.g., and would love to hear feedback from other Jem fans, especially since we never got a proper live-action remake. Would it be possible for such projects to receive a space on the schedule?

Anyway, thank you to anyone who read this entire comment! I've been watching so many Jem clips during the virus and desperately need to talk to people about it -- my boyfriend can't take anymore! Cheers.

August's picture

I've been watching a lot too, especially since the voice of Pizzazz just died. All the episodes are on Tubi for free, along with the original commercial segues. I'm especially bummed since I am in Minneapolis, and the convention DEFINITELY will not be coming here.

Elizabeth Liz Pemberton's picture

Hi, August. This is Liz, the host for JemCon 2020-2021 (and the founder of JemCon and host for JemCon 2005 as well.) I live in Whittier, just south of downtown. I'm still trying to work out the details with the Doubletree for 2021, but rest assured that we WILL have an actual JemCon in Minneapolis one of these years - preferably 2021, if it's safe to do so by then. Smile

Elizabeth Liz Pemberton's picture

Hi! This is Liz, the host for JemCon 2020-2021. We'd love to see your coloring pages and videos for JemCon 2020! Would you be willing to email [email protected] so that we can put you in contact with our schedule coordinator? Thank you very much.

Wendy  from NC, USA's picture

I would love to be able to get some Jem and the holograms committing pages!!! Also, I love watching fanmade Jem videos on YouTube!! Stay truly outrageous!!

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