2017 FanFic Contest

Welcome to the JemCon 2017 Fan-Fiction Contest. We have an opportunity for you to put your creativity to the test!

This year's fanfic contest will be open from July 5th, 2017 to September 4th, 2020.
For reference the current JemCon date is August 5th, 2020.



Jem & the Holograms are in Seattle to perform at GrungeCon. And they ask Regine to design fashions for the show. Can Regine really design something outrageously glamorous and grunge at the same time?

  • The original story you submit should be set in Seattle or the surrounding Washington area.
  • Your story should feature Regine. Other characters can be included, and what happens on this journey is up to you, but Regine must make an appearance somewhere in your story.
  • Coffee should at least be mentioned once.
  • The phrase "Straight From The Heart" should be mentioned once.

Rules and Guidelines

All entries must be typed and presented in a serif or sans-serif 12 point font (such as Arial or Times New Roman) in a Microsoft Word, Open Office, rich text or plain text document.

All entries must be "PG rated" meaning no foul language or mature content.

By entering this contest the entrant agrees that the submitted work is their own original story. Authors are allowed to submit multiple stories.


All entries will be reviewed by the judging panel with the winner announced shortly afterward. Judging will be based on the following criteria:

  • Originality, creativity and "universal appeal"
  • Style and ease of reading (grammar, spelling, punctuation)
  • Adherence to the theme and the rules listed above
  • Don't forget to include all the elements...Regine, coffee, "Straight From The Heart", in your story set in Seattle!


The winning story will be featured in the JemCon 2017 Program. The winning author will also receive a special prize pack!

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