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Jem lets out her catty side in his purr-fect ensemble. A hot pink faux fur jacket (no llamas were harmed), over an asymmetrical minidress, cat ears and tail, and violet leopard print leggings and studded accessories complete the look.


Well in this one I imagined Gem as a peacock. The front is a short skirt with ruffles to make it more playful and vivid with blue electric colour ... of the era..Behind the skirt is long so it can indicate the peacock's tail The shoes are turquoise almost like Cinderella's shoes but not see-through, she is a rock star Cinderella.

In the head she has a peacock's feather wrapped twice from a bright yellow-greeny string.


Year of the Jem Pig

Inspired by the animal for this coming Chinese New Year (the pig), and by my own name (Jemma Pigott)! I’m from Australia and am FOREVER Jem’s number 1 fan!!

Jem Pig’s ensemble here features adorable pig prints on a traditional Chinese cheongsam style dress. This design intends to pay a quirky and cute homage to this coming Chinese New Year of the Pig. Instead of pink cherry blossoms on her silk dress; there are actually pink “PIGGIE blossoms”. Jem’s iconic pink hair has also been swept up in two piggie tails - emphasising the curls which match her curly pig tail fashion accessory on her backside. The curly pig tail design is also referenced in her pink boots - the tops of which somewhat resemble pig trotters.

Jem Pig is also sporting the Chinese character for this year of the pig - it’s intricately printed in a tattoo style on a transparent surface across her dress’s sexy open-back.

Just like the pig in the movie Babe, Jem Pig is a babe Down Under made! Her life is NEVER a bore / boar - she’s bringing this year of the pig in with a pretty in pink roar!! So everyone embrace this year of the Pig and let your spirit SOAR!


Rocking star-studded style, this outfit features a one-shoulder teal dress with tiger-print one-shoulder loose-fit tunic. Though the dress and tunic cover opposite shoulders, there is nothing cross about this look! The tunic boasts a teal dolman/batwing sleeve cuff. Tying it all together is a teal headband and sock with black mid-calf boots and silver jewelry and accent stripes. In this ensemble, anyone can be a Tigress SuperStar!!!


Frock-coat and Pants based on clownfish pattern. Orange/Black/White with sea-blue lining.


Limp Lizard Chic! Lizard inspired dress in lizardskin print (pleather or metallic), lizard tongue-strap feature attached to back of dress. Insert in green fishnet.


Tigress Jem Queen of ThaiGrrr Land

Tigress Jem rocks an ethically sourced Siamese silk dress inspired by a majestic Tigress! The style is a take on a traditional chut Thai (Thai dress) and is paired with sexy kitten heels.


"No Drama Rama" - After Jem brought Rama Llama to Starlight Music, she soon realized that llamas need haircuts. All that hot pink fur inspired Shana to design a Rama Llama fur coat. To go along with the coat Shana also designed a swimsuit and llama skirt -- so Jem could go out for a night on the town or hang by the pool with Rama Llama.


A hornet-themed outfit designed with Rapture in mind. This is what I imagine her wearing to an awards show or to a record-release party for the Stingers. It's meant to be cheeky and overt. Blouse is sheer black with white cuffs and white collar and with a black tube top. Wings are hornet shaped and sheer. The long skirt is trimmed with fake fur. Fishnets and yellow pumps. Horn-rimmed sunglasses and an antenna headband complete the look.


JEM CONservation Queen Bee

Inspired by the wise words “help more bees; plant more trees; clean the seas” Queen Bee Jem is a reigning conservation monarch! In addition to creating buzz around protecting the environment, she’s also as sweet as the honey bees - reflected in her clothes and accessories!

Queen Bee Jem rules the eco warrior women! She has compassion and a passion for fashion and encourages all to BEElieve in themselves. Instead of an actual sting in her tail; sweet words prevail: “Bee kind, Bee true, Bee U!”

She has a beehive hair do (with a honeycomb hair comb shard too!) and carries a honey-pot shaped bag accessory! She’s one super sweet Queen Bay-BEE!

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synthguy's picture

So many nice entries this year!

Please PM me if you have issues.
forgethead's picture

Yea! I loved them all!

bluehairedgoddess's picture

I am totally going to have my work cut out for me no matter which entry wins! They are all so fabulous!

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Indeed! Smile

I can't wait to know the winner!!!


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