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Custom Doll Contest


Doll customizers, get ready to strut your stuff at JemCon 2016! We are so excited to announce our "Red Carpet Rock Stars Custom Doll Contest."

What does a rock star wear on the red carpet? Is she glamorous, outrageous, fancy, or flashy? What about her hair and her makeup? We want to see your custom interpretation of Jem, her friends, and her colorful rivals in a "red carpet rock star" look. Use your skills to sew, reroot, repaint, and reimagine a doll as one of the iconic Jem characters in a unique look that will stand out at a Hollywood world premiere or an awards night celebration. Then, bring your creation to JemCon where she will be displayed and judged.

Here's a bit more info to help you get started:

  1. You must attend JemCon 2016 to be eligible to enter.
  2. Any kind of doll can be used for your base. Hasbro, Integrity, Barbie, Monster High, you choose who you will customize!
  3. Your custom doll must represent an established character from the Jem cartoon, comic book, or movie.
  4. Your custom doll must represent our "Red Carpet Rock Star" theme, however you interpret that.
  5. Ambitious customizers may present more than one doll, limit of three entries. Each will be judged individually.
  6. Fashions, makeup, and hairstyles should represent a look that was never previously produced in doll form. Replicate an iconic look from the cartoon or create something entirely original!
  7. By entering the contest, you acknowledge that your doll is your own custom creation. Can't reroot but can sew? Can't repaint but can style hair? That's fine. We understand not everyone can do everything - but we do want everyone to have a chance to participate and dazzle us with their best efforts. You may incorporate existing doll elements, whether it's a pair of stock tights or a doll whose hair you cut and restyle. Please do not submit a doll that was rerooted or repainted by someone else; please do not submit a custom fashion that was pre-purchased from a third party. We want you to make something special just for JemCon 2016, and we want the work to be yours!
  8. Dolls will be judged in the following categories:
    • Best rerooting
    • Best repaint
    • Best fashion (original design)
    • Best fashion (replica)
    • Best overall universal appeal