JemCon 2020 Staff

The Staff for JemCon 2020: Midsummer Madness in Minneapolis are all ecstatic to be bringing JemCon back to Minnesota.

Coordinator and Hotel Liaison: Liz Pemberton
Treasurer and Registration Coordinator: Ankur
Webmaster and Financials: Damon V. D’Amore
Fashion Coordinator - Maria O’Connell
Assistant Fashion Coordinator and Fundraising Liason: Cherri Randall
Social Media Coordinator and Graphic Design: Michael Artice
Schedule and Class/Panel Coordinator: John Steven Hellman
Publicity and Guest Coordinator: Rachel Pankiw
Display Coordinator: John Henry Watson
Vendor Coordinators: Becky DeKeyser Coy and Chris Coy
Art Coordinator: Elaine Rodriguez
Art Administrator: Miranda Eden
A/V Chief and Cosplay Contest Coordinator: Tivia
Master of Ceremonies: Garth Jensen



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