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This "Frequently Asked Questions" page aims to provide answers to some commom questions, asked by our visitors and members.

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Q: Who decides where the next years convention is being held and how is it decided?

A: We solicit bids each year and choose from those. That process usually happens in the spring.

We tried something new in 2008 and solicited bids for both 2009 and 2010, so during the following years bidding process (spring 2009) we also accepted bids for 2011. That way, beginning with 2010, the chosen staff got two years to prepare instead of just one.

The current years staff run the process and review the bids. We send out bid criteria to bidders on request (contact us if you're interested), and bids are judged on how well they meet the criteria - everything from the site, to how the staff will be organized, to what special features they are planning, to what the budget will be.

Another important factor is geographic variation. We really like having JemCon move around the country every year, as that means a wider variety of people can attend (not everyone has a big travel budget or vacation time.) Of course, if the best bid is in a location close to the previous JemCon, we will go with the best bid, but if two bids are otherwise equal, the geography could be the tie-breaker.

Another reason to keep JemCon moving is that it can be expensive to run a JemCon, in terms of money, time, and effort, and the pool of people willing and able to step up and volunteer is pretty small - you need a lot of time to recover after hosting JemCon.

Liz Pemberton - JemCon Founder

Q: Is the "bid" won by the person with the most money?

A: No, this is not a monetary bid, like an auction. This is like a building contractor submitting a bid to do a construction job - the bid tells what the contractor will do, and how. There is budgeting involved, but the whole package is considered, from staff experience, to the location, to the guests, to the activities, and if anything, (much like choosing bids for construction work), we're looking for people who can provide more quality fun for less money.

Remember, the winning bidder who hosts/coordinates JemCon, also finances JemCon (and gets donations from all sorts of people to help) None of us want to see anyone getting in financial trouble. We want event quality, not conspicuous spending. If you somehow have a lot of spare money and want to spend it on a deluxe JemCon, that's your decision, but it is absolutely NOT a requirement.

If anyone is curious about the process in greater detail, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Liz Pemberton - JemCon Founder

Q: Do I have to be a member of the JemCon website/messageboard to be eligible to attend the JemCon convention weekend?

A: No. Anybody can attend. You will just need to register for attendance to the convention weekend, but in doing so, there is no obligation to sign up to the website/messageboard.

Q: If I register to attend the JemCon convention, does that automatically make me a member of the JemCon website/messageboard?

Q: Do I have to pay to become a member of the JemCon website/messageboard?

A: No, it's FREE! You only pay a fee to attend the JemCon convention weekend. The registration page provides details of various membership packages to potentital visitors of the convention.


Q: What came first, the doll or the show?

A: The dolls came first. Hasbro developed the doll line and used the show as a means to advertise the dolls, so Hasbro had Sunbow develop a cartoon based on the dolls and a few concepts they wanted to use in the series.

Q: Do any other dolls share the same or have similar moulds?

A: Yes and no. There is no other doll line with the same head or body mold as Jem, but Kenner's 1979 Darci, is very similar. The major difference between Jem and Darci is that Jem has softer, rounder, younger features. Many of the Jem accessories, such as earrings, necklaces, boom box, microphones, etc., were used in Maxie, Sindy, New Kids On The Block, and My Little Pony lines.

Q: Do any other dolls share the same or have similar fashions?

A: No other Hasbro doll has the same fashions, but there are a lot of the same fabrics used in My Little Pony, Maxie, Sindy, etc.

Q: Why did they stop the Jem cartoon?

A: The reason the cartoon stopped is because Hasbro stopped producing the Jem doll line. Without the doll line, there was no reason to spend the money promoting it, so Hasbro ended the show after the 65th episode, which finished off the original contract with Sunbow.

Q: Why did they stop the Jem doll line?

A: Hasbro was having financial problems, along with other toy companies at the time, so when Hasbro decided to cut back on the amount of toy lines they would release for 1988, Jem was canceled.
One reason Jem was canceled is that she did not meet Hasbro's expectations. A second reason was that Hasbro bought the rights to distribute Sindy in Europe; for legal reasons they could not sell her in the United States. Consequently, Hasbro came up with a new doll that was the US version of Sindy; this doll was Maxie. Hasbro gave Maxie the go-ahead because they thought she could compete better with Barbie than Jem did, since Sindy out-sold Barbie in Europe.

Q: What is "Rockin' Romance Jem" and why can't I find one?

A: Rockin' Romance Jem was going to be one of the new dolls for 1988. She was already in production when Hasbro canceled Jem. Rockin' Romance Jem never hit the store shelves but was given out and/or sold to Hasbro employees. There are rumors of her release in the French or Italian markets, but we have not seen any solid proof of that. From time to time, Rockin'; Romance Jem shows up on eBay, from estate sales and retired Hasbro employees'; collections and usually sells for many thousands of dollars.

Q: Why did Hasbro create dolls but not sell them?

A: Hasbro had every intention of continuing Jem into 1988 and the original plan was to sell the line into 1990. The designers at Hasbro designed the new toys for 1988, and did so until Hasbro canceled Jem. The toy design process takes a round a year, so many of the 1988 dolls and fashion where in early stages of development at the end of 1986 and the beginning of 1987.

Q: What was Hasbro going to release in 1988?

A: We know Hasbro was going to release Rockin'; Romance Jem, American Beauty Jem, along with friends of the Holograms; Regine, Astral, reissued Danse, and reissued Video. We also know that Hasbro was due to release many mix and match fashion sets (these dolls were featured in the 1988 Hasbro Pre-Toy Fair Catalog and were going to be marketed as lower-cost dolls and fashions to help move the Jem line). We also know of a new band called the Stingers and the new-look Hollywood Jem because they made their debut on the show. We also know Hasbro had planned on releasing a new Misfit called Graphix, but she was soon disregarded and never made an appearance on the show. Thanks to designers who worked on Jem, we also know there was a Wedding Dress in the works along with, Hollywood Jem Fashions, a separate Red Carpet Jem and fashions, Mardi Gras Fashions and World Tour Fashions. This is what we know so far, but we may find out about many more concepts and designs in the future.

Q: Who did the voice of Jem?

A: Jem had two voices. Samantha Newark was the speaking voice of Jem, while Britta Phillips provided the singing voice.

Q: How many Jem episodes were there?

A: 65, which include "Truly Outrageous!", broken down and aired as 5 episodes, fulfilling Sunbow's original contract with Hasbro. If Hasbro had have continued Jem, Hasbro would have contracted Sunbow for either 26 or 13 episodes at a time.

Q: How many seasons of Jem were there?

A: Jem really did not have "seasons" since the contract was for a syndicated show. But most fans consider the Super Sunday/Truly Outrageous! Movie as the first season. Super Sunday aired in 1985. The Jem show did not officially start until 1986 with Starbright, and Truly Outrageous was expanded to fit the 22-minute show. Talent Search is considered the start of the 3rd season, when Rhino released DVDs they also used this order to release the DVD sets. Many fans also consider the Stingers episodes to be a 4th season, but there was a break separating those episodes from the episodes before.

Q: How many Jem dolls were there?

  • 1986: 8 Dolls
    • 4 Jem and The Holograms dolls: Jem/Jerrica, Aja, Kimber, Shana
    • 3 Misfits dolls: Pizzazz, Stormer, Roxy
    • 1 "No group" doll: Rio
  • 1987: 19 Dolls
    • 9 Jem and The Holograms dolls: Glitter 'N Gold Jem/Jerrica, Flash 'N Sizzle Jem/Jerrica, Rock 'N Curl Jem, Aja, Kimber, Shana, Danse, Video, Raya
    • 5 Misfits dolls: Pizzazz, Stormer, Roxy, Clash, Jetta
    • 3 Starlight Girls dolls: Ashley, Krissie, Banee
    • 2 "No group" dolls: Glitter 'N Gold Rio, Synergy
  • Overall total: 27
Q: How many Jem fashions were there?

  • 1986: 24 Fashions
    • 8 On Stage Fashions
    • 8 Flipside Fashions
    • 8 Smashin' Fashions (5 for the Misfits and 3 for Rio)
  • 1987: 49 Fashions
    • 10 On Stage Fashions (4 reissued from 1986)
    • 10 Flipside Fashions (4 reissued from 1986)
    • 8 Smashin' Fashions (2 reissued from 1986)
    • 9 Rio Fashions (3 reissued from 1986)
    • 6 Glitter 'N Gold Fashions to go with the Glitter 'N Gold Jem/Jerrica (and Glitter 'N Gold Rio) themed doll
    • 6 Music Is Magic Fashions
  • Overall total: 73
Q: How many Jem playsets were there?

  • 1986: 3 Playsets
    • Rockin' Roadster
    • Jem Star Stage
    • Rock Backstager
  • 1987: 9 Playsets
    • Rockin' Roadster (reissued from 1986 but in the Glitter 'N Gold theme)
    • Jem Star Stage (reissued from 1986)
      • (Accessory playset) Video Madness: Welcome To The Jungle
      • (Accessory playset) Video Madness: Show Me The Way
      • (Accessory playset) Video Madness: It's Workin' Out
      • (Accessory playset) Video Madness: Love Is Here
    • Rock Backstager (reissued from 1986)
    • KJEM: Rock On Guitar
    • New Wave Waterbed
  • Overall total: 12
Q: What batteries should be used for Jem dolls with flashing earrings?

A: Unfortunately, the exact batteries (A76 button cells) that originally came with flashing-earring Jem dolls are now obsolete. Instead, you can use the alternative L1154 alkaline button cell battery.

Brian - 2007 JemCon Staff, Print Production