Thank You!


Thank you to all of you who made JemCon 2020 The Virtual Jem Jam such a success!

Special thanks to:

JemCon 2020 Staff and Panelists:
Becky Coy
Cherri Randall
Chris Coy
Damon D’Amore
Elaine Rodriguez
Garth Jensen
Jennifer Baycroft
Jessica Center
John Hellman
John Henry Watson
Katie Brandt
Keegan Campbell
Liz Pemberton
Maria O’Connell
Michael Artice
Miranda Eden
Rachel Pankiw
Raven Sounds
Shevona Hallerman
TJ Schuessler

JemCon 2020 Contributors:
Brian Sheppard
CazJar Boutique
Davide Quatraro
Gina Kromhout
Jake Putnam
Jameka Dobbs
Jansen Fernald
Jessica Houston
Kett Robbins
Megan Dawson Jaffe and Nerdy City
Michael Shappe
Nicola Scott
Samantha Newark
Steve Savicki
Ter Brazier

JemCon 2020 Special Guests:
Alain Tremblay
Anne Bryant
Britta Phillips
Carla Reiss
Christy Marx
Ellen Bernfeld
Fran Campos and the Cast and Crew of Misfitsized Track 2



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