Thank You!


Thank you to all of you who made JemCon 2020 The Virtual Jem Jam such a success!

Special thanks to:

JemCon 2020 Staff and Panelists:
Becky Coy
Cherri Randall
Chris Coy
Damon D’Amore
Elaine Rodriguez
Garth Jensen
Jennifer Baycroft
Jessica Center
John Hellman
John Henry Watson
Katie Brandt
Keegan Campbell
Liz Pemberton
Maria O’Connell
Michael Artice
Miranda Eden
Rachel Pankiw
Raven Sounds


Attending JemCon 2020: The Virtual Jem Jam

Attending our virtual convention is very easy, and it’s FREE! No registration is required.

The daily schedule of events is here. All times are in United States Eastern Standard Time.

You can also download the full program (The Rockin' Roadmap) for JemCon 2020 at our google drive.

Full list of events (along with individual zoom links) can also be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/304958420544847/events/


Tribute to Patricia

As part of the Virtual JemCon activities this year, we are planning on putting together a special tribute to Patricia Alice Albrecht, the speaking voice of Pizzazz who passed away late last year.

If you would like to be part of this tribute, please email [email protected] (with subject line Patricia Tribute) with your video links, pictures, or text you would like to submit.

Deadline for submissions is August 14th.

Special Announcement Regarding JemCon 2020

To all past, future and potential JemCon attendees:

In these truly extraordinary times, when you're not sure what to believe or not to believe, the JemCon staff would like to make an official statement regarding the status of JemCon 2020.

As much as we know that love unites us, our top priority remains keeping our guests and JemCon family members safe and sound.