Special Announcement Regarding JemCon 2020

To all past, future and potential JemCon attendees:

In these truly extraordinary times, when you're not sure what to believe or not to believe, the JemCon staff would like to make an official statement regarding the status of JemCon 2020.

As much as we know that love unites us, our top priority remains keeping our guests and JemCon family members safe and sound.

JemCon 2020 Fashion Design Contest

The theme for the 2020 Jemcon fashion contest is Under the Cherry Moon, in honor of native Minnesotan PRINCE. Design an outrageous fashion with a REVOLUTIONary vibe for everyone's favorite rock stars! This year, you may design for any of the women dolls, OR for Rio/Riot.

Set your mind free, baby, and be original! Prince would want it that way, rather than having anyone directly copy his or The Revolution’s outfits. (And you don’t have to limit yourself to the look of the film Under the Cherry Moon, either.)