JemCon 2017 attendees enjoyed a pre-con tour of Seattle, WA attending a Duck Boat tour earlier in the day, then later, some of the attendees met up for a fantastic, spooky, entertaining and often funny, Seattle Underground Tour. They learned about Seattle’s history and all of the spooky, scandalous, and hilarious stories that went with it. 50 plus attendees were registered prior to the convention’s start with additional walk-ins and one-day pass holders. Special Guests included Jem Storyboard Artist Keith Tucker, Musician and Voice of Laura Holloway, Jamie Weisberg, Singing Voice of Banee, Ari Gold, The Voice of Danse, Desiree Goyette Bogas and the Voice of Jetta, Louise Dorsey. 2017 was bursting at the seams with Music and Danse!

The Truly Outrageous display room was filled with collectable vendors, collections of vintage and Integrity dolls, custom and stock. Workshops included “Knock it Off” a Knock-Off doll themed workshop with the founder of JemCon, Liz Pemberton, “Rootin’ with Ria” a doll-hair rooting workshop with Maria O’Connell, a discussion on the Jem Cartoon and a workshop on the business marketing in Jem with Rachel Pankiw. Pop-out performances by the legendary Ari Gold, Yoga with Jamie Weisberg (the Voice of Laura Holloway) and Click/Clash Voice acting with Desiree Goyette Bogas and Louise Dorsey, Music with Danse, culminating in all of JemCon seated around a grand piano listening to the angelic sounds of Desiree Goyette Bogas.