2010 Gallery

2 Jem Girls at play

4 Jems and Omar

2010 Special Guests

Alex and Amanda

Alex and his mum

Alex enjoys his 1st JemCon

Alexs Mum Sam

Alternative Minx

Amanda and Julie

And so the story begins

Anne and Magic

Anne Hathaway Tonner

Anne meets the real Pizzazz

Another Jem

Autograph - Anne

Autograph - Britta

Autograph - Ellen

Autograph - Michael

Autograph - Sam

Baby Jem

Baby Jem 0

Bad Aja meets Clash

Beyond Jem 1

Beyond Jem 2

Beyond Jem 3

Beyond Jem 4

Beyond Jem 5

Birthday presents from Omar

Bob at breakfast

Bobs web panel


Britta 0

Britta 1

Britta 2

Britta 3

Britta 4

Britta 5

Britta 6

Britta 7

Britta 8

Britta 9

Britta and Graphix

Britta and Jay dance

Britta dances

Britta Jam

Britta looks coy

Britta signs autographs

Britta Walter

Britta Walter 0

Calendar Fashions

Casual Jerrica at play

Charity Auction - Artwork

Chris - Blue Eyed Boy


Chris 0

Chris 1

Chris from New Hampshire

Chris with bandana


CJ 0


Click Clash


Cosplayers 1

Cosplayers 2

Custom Stormer 01

Customs 1

Customs 2

Customs 3

Customs 4

Customs on display

Cute thing

Cute thing of Rachaels

Dance with Danse

Darci Knock-offs Panel 01

Darci Knock-offs Panel 02

Darci Knock-offs Panel 03

Darci Knock-offs Panel 04

Darci Knock-offs Panel 05

Darci Knock-offs Panel 06

Darci Knock-offs Panel 07

Darci Knock-offs Panel 08

David and Mini-Jem

David Shannon


Davide fights em off

Davide Stefan

Davide works the 80s

Disco Chris

Disco Will jives

Display - Knock-offs

Display - Rics Prototypes 01

Display - Rics Prototypes 02

Display - Rics Prototypes 03

Display - Rics Prototypes 04

Display - Rics Prototypes 05

Display - Rics Prototypes 06

Display - Rics Prototypes 07

Display - Rics Prototypes 08

Display 1

Display 2

Display 3

Display 4

Display 5

Display 6

Display 7

Display 8

Display 9

Display 10

Display 11

Display 12

Display 13

Display 14

Display 15

Display 16

Diva Jem Jay

Drinks on Danse




Everybody was KungFu Fighting

Evil Aja

Evil Aja get down


Fierce Pizzazz

From the ground up

Gaze into my crystal ball

Go Transformers


Graphix 0

Graphix and David

Graphix and Matthew

Graphix and Mini-Jem

Graphix and Riot

Graphix and Shannon pose

Graphix Anne

Graphix flirts with Jay

Graphix hugged by Sam

Graphix plots with Pizzazz

Graphix seduces Willie

Graphix teases Chris

Happy 25th B-day Jem

Hawaiian Stormer Ellen

Hawaiian Stormer

Heyyyy Jem Boys

Hi Anne and both Wills

Hi Everybody

Hollywood Jem

Holograms live it up

Holograms meet n greet

Hot in Hawaii Pizzazz


Ilana 0


Jacki and Bob eat out

Jacki at breakfast

Jacki Jay


Jay 0

Jay 1

Jay 2

Jay 3

Jay 4

Jay 5

Jay 6

Jay 7

Jay 8

Jay 9

Jay 01

Jay and David chat

Jay and Stefan relax

Jay and Willie eat out

Jay Chris

Jay Kim

Jay plays at salesman


Jem 0

Jem Boys meet n greet

Jem Boys on high

Jem cake - Happy Birthday

Jem in bedroom frenzy

Jem Jay

Jem Project Display

Jem Project performance

JemCon Goodies

JemCon Staff Panel close-up

JemCon Staff Panel

Jemcon-ers enjoy the fun

JemCon-ers with Graphix

Jems admire Jems

Jerrica 0

Jorge - Dr Who 01


Jorge looks sultry

Jorge wows Jem

Karaoke - Britta 02

Karaoke - Britta 01

Karaoke - Britta 03

Karaoke - Ellen 01

Kim boogies all night

Kimber Jem

Kimber sandwich

KJEM Holograms

Ladies smile for snaps

Last Supper

Let them eat cake

Liz and Graphix

Luis and Liz hug

Luis and Will looking prim


Making friends at JemCon

Matt Jem

Matthew and Stefan

Meet n greet and eat

Mini Jem - Like a Dream

Mini Jem sings Karaoke

Misfits ladies rumble

Misfits Party

More Jem Boys

Mr Godiva

New Jem Fan

Omar with Jem


Panel - all guests

Panel - Anne Bryant

Panel - Britta

Panel - Britta 01

Panel - Britta points

Panel - Britta remembers

Panel - Britta smiles

Panel - Britta thinks

Panel - Ellen Bernfeld

Panel - Ellen Britta

Panel - Micheal Charles Hill

Panel - Sam

Panel - Sam Michael

Panel - Sam smiles

Panel 2 - Sam Michael

Peace on Jay from Jem


Pizzazz lives it up

Pizzazz sings Karaoke

Pretty Shannon again

Pretty Shannon

Rachael Ally

Rachael and Ally smile

Raya and Aja

Registration Desk Dolls

Riot loves Jem


Rob and Stefan eat out

Rob Shannon

Rockin Jem Jensen

Roller Pizzazz sings karaoke 02

Roller Pizzazz sings karaoke

Roller-derby Pizzazz rocks

Sam 0

Sam 1

Sam 2

Sam Jem

Sam smiles sweetly

Sam Yadely as Jem

Sams Mum Jay

Sams Mum Jay 0

Sandy as Jem

Scandallous Zazz

Set Your Sails


Shannon 0

Shannon 1

Shannon 2

Shannon 3

Shannon and Shevona eat out

Shannon Jem

Shannon with Graphix

Shannons self-snap


Shevona at JemCon

Shevona relaxes

Shevonas Shoe Heaven

Shevonas Wedding Dress

Showtime - Sam

Showtime - Sam 0

Showtime - Sam 1

Showtime - Sam 2

Sitting pretty

Starlights On Stage

Stefan Ellen

Stefans bobby dazzlers


Steve 0

Steve and Michael

Stingers Jam


The Gang Hang Out

The Jem Boys

This is Rob


Tim-Tim 0

Tim-Tim and David eat out

Tim-Tim Graphix

Tonner Aja

Tonner Custom 1

Tonner Custom 2

Tonner Customs 1

Tonner Customs 2

Tonner Jem 1

Tonner Jem 2

Tonner Jetta

Tonner Kimber

Tonner Roxy

Transform Jem

Transformers at JemCon

Vendor stuff

Vendor things for sale

VIPs David


Walters funky watches

Wedded bliss - Will


Will 0

Will 1

Will 2

Will and Steve eat out


Willie 0

Willie and Shy Jem

Willie Chris

Windmill Street - HA HA

Xavier and Rachael

Yadely as Jem

Yadely as Jem 0

Yadely poses as Jem

Young Fan

Young Jem fan and doll