2012 Gallery

2012 Fashion - Front


ALL the Misfits

Allie (Dear Stormer) n dolls 2

Allie (Dear Stormer) n dolls

Allie (Dear Stormer) n sign

Allie (Dear Stormer) n Stormer

Allie as Stormer

Allie Richard n Doris

Allie's dolls (Dear Stormer) 2

Allie's dolls (Dear Stormer)

Allie's sign (Dear Stormer) 1

Allie's sign (Dear Stormer) 2

Allie's sign (Dear Stormer) 3

Alluring Rapture


Another sassy groupshot

Another Stormer rocks out


Astral and Riot

Astral n Minx kiss a dove

Astral n Riot

Auction merchandise

Balloon Pizzazz

Baloona Minx - sick of driving

Baloona Minx drives us home

BaNee and the Bear talk

BaNee gets chased by the bear

BaNee n the Bear at Karaoke

Best bumper sticker ever!

Bloody Good Time

Cake by Jamie's mum

Cel display

Chris 2

Chris n Louise n Olivia

Craig Phillips

Crazy keytar (Jem stage)

Custom Stuff



Dancing Bear in Malone's hat

Dancing Bear n Desiree - Danse

Dancing Bear n Patricia - Pizzazz

Danse and GNG Rio

Danse and Mini-Danse

Danse enjoying the music

Danse Minx and Rio

Danse n Danse Jr wth Lily!

Danse time

David and Patricia

Desiree - Danse n Craig Phillips

Desiree and Omar

Desiree Jamie Jason Will

Desiree as Danse

Displays 2 JPG

Displays 3 JPG

Displays 4 JPG

Displays 6 JPG

Displays 9 JPG

Displays 10 JPG

Displays 11 JPG

Displays 12 JPG

Doll Pizzazz gets nasty

Dolls (customs by Tivia)


Don't mess with Synergy

Doris Will Allie - bad version

Doris Will Allie - good version

En of Auction Two 2

End of Auction Two 1

End of Auction Two 3

End of Trivia


Face paint

Family Portrait - Craig Aja n Stormer


Fashion Flash game

Final Guest Panel

First Jem Star Earrings

Glitter and Gold Rio

GNG comercial bumper

GNG Rio and many Jems

Go Jem Boyz!

Graphix and Jem reprise

Graphix and Jem

Graphix doll

Great Picture

Group shot with Baloona Minx

Guests Of JemCon 1

Guests Of JemCon 2

Happy Jem and Rio

Hollywood Jem (the new one)

Here comes Gold

Hollywood Jem 0


Ilana and Baloona Minx

Ilana hosts her own panel

Ilana poses during her panel

Intruder Intruder

Jansen Star earrings

Jem - Spokeswoman for Dennys

Jem 1

Jem 2

Jem (2)

Jem (Allie) and Hollywood Jem

Jem (Allie)

Jem and David

Jem again

Jem and her balloon

Jem and JemBoy

Jem and Liz

Jem and Louise as Jetta

Jem and Patricia as Pizzazz

Jem and Pizzazz

Jem and Rio

Jem and Synergy

Jem and The Jem Men

Jem art

Jem Boys and Will

Jem Boys Desiree and Lily

Jem Boys! Getting leggy!

Jem Boys

Jem Boyz singing

Jem boyz!

Jem Cake Takes the Cake

Jem chillin' at the Hilton

Jem costume

Jem Danse

Jem Desiree as Danse n Lily

Jem doll

Jem fashions

Jem has Synergy with Synergy

Jem Jam at Dennys

Jem Jam in the hallway

Jem lunch box

Jem on board

Jem n Louise Dorsey (Jetta)

Jem Rio

Jem Synergy

Jem thermos

JemCon 2011 Tshirt

Jem wave waterbed

JemCon 2012 Fashion Box

JemCon cake

JemCon Staff

Jems 0

Jetta and the REAL Jetta

Jetta is homesick

Jetta n Stormer

Jetta Jem and Minx

KJEM jacket via Omar

Just Hangin'

Krissy as Wonder Woman

Little Bad is Good

Leave it to me

Look Georgeous


Louise and Allie

Male Pizzazz checking out Minx

Malone and The Bear

Malone wields his chair

Maria n Allie

Meet the Star

Meet and Greet

Milky Mixer and Tivia's booth

Minx 2

Minx and Rapture


Misfits - their songs are better


Misfits at lunch

Misfits Rule

Misfits n some Starlight girls!

Misfits with the REAL Pizzazz

Mister Pizzazz at Karaoke

Music and Danse

More Jem art

Mysterious Rapture

New Generation

New Friends

Omar and Omar doll

Omar and Desiree

Omar and Patricia

Omar's Rock n Curl custom

Omar's custom Techrat

Oooh La La Its Danse!

Omar's Synergy display

Oooo Outrageous

Pack'a screechin' 'ens!

Orange-licious Jem

Patricia Alice Albrecht - Pizzazz

Patricia and The Misfits

Patricia Autographs Table

Patricia laughs at Louise Dorsey

Patricia n The Misfits

Phillips siblings

Phillips Family Reunion

Rapture and Riot dolls

Pizzazz art

Rapture and Stormer

Rapture n Minx do storyboards

Rapture n Jetta- immoral chicks

Rapture's aura cleansing spray


Riot and Jetta

Rock N Curl Jem doll

Rockin Roadster - Llama style

Roxy in JemCon 2012 Fashion


Sassy Patricia with her Misfits

Roxy's Takin' it All

Seductive Minx

Showroom Display01

Showroom Display02

Showroom Display03

Showroom Display04

Showroom Display05

Showroom Display06

Showroom Display08

Showroom Display07

Showroom Display09

Showroom Display14

Showroom Display15

Showroom Display17

Showroom Display16

Showroom Display21

Showroom Display22

Showroom Display23

Showroom Display24

Showroom Display25

Showroom Display26

Showroom Fashions

Showtime Synergy!

Showtime Synergy

Smile for the camera!

Souvenir Bag

So cute

Special guests

Starlights 1

Starlights All Grown Up

Starlights Ashley 1

Starlights Banee 1

Starlights Krissie 2

Starlights Story

Stingers dolls (with Shana)

Stingers Roadies Packing Up

Stormer and her custom keytar

Stormer and Jem

Stormer is ready for JemCon!

Stormer and Stormer doll



Strike a Pose

Super hot Pizzazz and Minx

Surprise! It's Jetta!



Synergy at the bar - shows over

Synergy doll

Synergy costume

Synergy fashion

Synergy n Malone

Synergy Times 2


The Amazing Rapture

The Jem Jam at lunch

The Starlights

The Stingers Hit Town part 2

The Stingers Hit Town

TJ and Stormer

Tivia's customs

TJ n Allie

TJ's booth JPG


Topher's signed Jetta print

Topher's customs

Truly Outrageous Jem and Aja

Twice the Synergy

Truly Outrageous Jem n Pizzazz

Vendors 1 JPG

Vendors 3 jpg

We love Jem

We're The Misfits!

We want to be bad!

Will's Sketchbook

You dont like me OR my designs

Winning is Everything