2013 Gallery

3 Stormers!

2013 Con Chairs


2014 con chairs

A civil union

A Group Photo Op

A kimber photobomb


Abercrombie rio

Allie rumbles

Amazing face paint!

Allie's booth

Andrea n rob

Angela and Omar

Angela Starlight 3

Angela Starlight

Angelia 1

Angela with soft hair!

Anne and Omar

Anne 0


Are u a jerrica or a jem

Art display

Are We Having Fun Yet

Ash topher and wedding kimber

At the Hotel

Astral doll

At the meet and greet

Backup 2

Backup 1

Barking mad for anne

Best friends

Big Group 2

Big Group 4

C mon ride the train

Boxart Rio close-up


Chit chat

Chris hiding

Circle of jemCon

CosPlay fun 2

Con Chairs

CosPlay fun

Cosplay Winners

Cosplay wow

Customs by ash

Dara and Minx

Dinner at the Pub

Delicious lobster


Dolls 3

Dolls 2

Dolls 4

Double Trouble Rios

Don't dump lobster

DSC 9283

Duty free jem

Elevator Buddies

Ellen and Misfits 2

Ellen 0

Ellen and Pizaz

Ellen sing 1

Ellen and Tivia

Ellen sing 3

Ellen's mom and company

Enjoying Time Out

Fabulous shana

Face to face

Finding a Jemcon Poster

Fierce roxy

Four warning

Garth n szylvia

Friday fun

Give these women a pass

Glitter and Gold 1

Glitter and Gold 2

Glitter and Gold 3

Glitter n gold tshirt

Glitter n gold jem 2 many

Gng jem jerrica doll

Grandma Jem Hill

Group 1

Gumball misfits by allie

Hanging out on the boat

Hello everyone!

Here's Looking At You

Here comes trouble

Hey Look Its Jem

Hi Rio!

Hollywood jem

Holograms are outrageous

Jacqui's daughter is a big girl now


Jansen n jensen

Jem and Rio Drama!

Jem and Stormer

Jem bookmarl

Jem board game

Jem chess

Jem con poster

Jem classic vs modern

Jem doll Integrity

Jem giants

Jem Fans get noticed

Jem girls

Jem guys

Jem Jam 2

Jem Jam

Jem manicure

Jem Men

Jem on the Jacket

Jem mom Andrea

Jem poster close up

Jem sings

Jem travels in style


JemBoy tRio


JemCon lunch 2

JemCon group shot

JemCon lunch 4

JemCon lunch

JemGirls get noticed

JemProject performance

JemProject1 wheres Shana

JemProject2 there she is

Jerrica n rio dolls

Jerrica and some Stingers

Jess IS a Designing Woman

Just Hangin' 0


Keytar stormer

Kimber n jem

Kimbers sandwich has pizzazz


Lobster for 17

Lobsters In My Hair

Lounging in the lobby

Luis LOVES facepaint

Makin mischief

Makeup table

Many Rios




Mike as Rio 1

Mike 2

Mike as Rio 3

Mike as Rio 4

Mike Saturday am

Mike Saturday checkin

Milky and Ankur

Milky and Luis

Milky's booth

Milky's Got Moxie

Minx always gets her man

Minx and pizzazz (2)

Minx and Pizzazz

Minx dance 1

Minx dance 3

Minx dance 2

Minx n shana

Minx sandwhich with Rios!

Minx plants one on



Misfits 3

Misfits chess

Misfits have integrity


More dolls



Night out

Nice nails


Omar jem and kimber

Omar n friend

Omar's customs

Omar's Corner Store

Omar's dollies

One drink too many

One pizzazz too many

One rio too many for minx

Open a book or dvd

Outrageous pair

Outrageous postcards

Outta my way

Pageant 2

Pageant 3

Panel fun 2


Panel fun 3

Panel fun 4

Panel fun 5

Pizazz poster

Panel fun 6

Pizzazz and her skates

Pizzazz finally gets rio

Pizzazz meets pizzazz2

Purrrrfect Minx and Rio

Put your hands on me

Rainbow Bright


Rare records

Raya's intro in jem bible

Recreating the waterbed photo

Ready To Eat

Regine cesaire


Regine has designs on them

Rio and Jem

Rio goes after synergy

Rio and Pizzazz

Rio marries kimber


Rio No drama

Rob and Stefan on the Boat

Roxy catwalk 2

Rock'n Roadster

Roxy catwalk

Roxy smells success

Roxy gets madeup

Sassy gals

Sean Said What!

Save The Elephants


Sexy jem Boys

Sharon 1

Sharon 2

Sharon 3

Sharon and Tivia

She makes an impression


She-ra and Swiftwind


She-ra playset

She's got what it takes

Show's over shana


Showtime synergy (2)

Showtime Synergy 0

Showtime synergy tShirt


Sisterly love

Sparklepants 2

Sparklepants and Wedding Kimber



Stefan and Regine

Stefan and his cock a doodle


Storm(er)ing the vendor room


Stormer and pizzazz

Stormer playset



Stormer's sanctuary

Synergy and Kimber

Table topper

Synthguy facepaint

The Boys Are Back

The Misfits dolls

The Holograms and Jem

The Starlights!

These pecs caused a riot

Tivia and Angela

Tivia and Anne

Tivia and guests

Tivia and the Gator

Tivia's table

Tivia's booth

Tj and allie's proposal 2

Tj and allie's proposal

Top of the charts


Touring Portland

Traveling with Pizzazz

Truly outrageous group shot 2

Truly winner 2

U dont like me or my designs

Truly winner!


Walter and Rob

Walter and the womyns

Waterbed shenanigans

Waterbed1 before the story

Waterbed2 after the story

Wedding kimber (2)

Wedding kimber doll

Wedding Kimber

Wedding reception

Welcome jemCon

Who is she kissing

What a line up!

Whole lotta woman!

Wigging out

Wild Pizaz

Zazz 'n Rio