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2008 - Van Nuys, CA

The 4th Annual JemCon Rocked Los Angeles on September 27 & 28,
2008 at the AirTel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys, CA!

JemCon 2008: Rockin in Los Angeles was attended by over 100 Jem™ fans from all over the world, including attendees from Australia, England, Holland and Scotland! The convention featured special guests Christy Marx, Roger Slifer, Samantha Newark, Samantha Paris, Michael Sheehan, Desiree Goyette, Wally Burr & Darrell McNeil. In addition there were fan panels, workshops, dealers, and displays which included rare prototypes and custom dolls.

On Friday there was a catered Meet 'N Greet dinner with an outrageous Jem™ trivia contest! On Saturday night there was a live performance by Samantha Newark and the Jem Jam. The convention continued throughout the evening with Jem™ Karaoke, a fantastic Battle of the Bands Masquerade and disco!

The JemCon 2008 Charity Auction raised $1300 for Olive Crest, which provides support for foster kids. Olive Crest is an advocate against child abuse, and are dedicated to preserving families. They have provided care for over 40,000 children and families.

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Name Staff Position
Kett Robbins
JemCon 2008 Staff - Kett Robbins
Con Chair

Kathleen "Kett" Robbins lives outside Los Angeles and works as an sound editor and mixer. Kett credits the Jem cartoon for inspiring her to make the move to LA and her choice of career. Kett\'s been an obsessive fan of the Jem cartoon from the beginning, her favorite Jem character is Jerrica and her favorite cartoon episode of all time is "Out of the Past".

Shevona M
JemCon 2008 Staff - Shevona M
Exhibitor Coordinator

Shevona is from MI and works for a large Marketing Research firm. She has loved Jem since she was a little girl, since then she has acquired the entire produced Jem line. Shevona's favorite episode is 'Mid Summer's Night Madness' and her favorite character is Jerrica. She loves to make OOAK Jem dolls, fashions and accessories. Feel free to ask her anything Jem related, nothing is too bizarre! For more info on Shevona's work, check out her website:

Sean G
JemCon 2008 Staff - Sean G
Public Relations

Sean G aka svgbaritone, is from MA and works as a Theatrical Musical Director/Pianist. Sean's obsession with Jem began immediately when it aired in 1985. His late mother was very supportive of his new found love and encouraged his creativity. His collection is a living memorial to her and the bond they will forever share through Jem. After attending and sewing fashions for JemCon 2007 he found himself compelled to devote more time to JemCon and the Jem community, where he's made many amazing friends. Without Jem in his life, Sean doesn't believe he would have ever become a creative person nor a musician/performer. Upon meeting Christy Marx at JemCon 2007, he simply told her "Thank you for the best part of my childhood." Sean is honored to be a part of the JemCon 2008 Staff.

Rachael Prins
JemCon 2008 Staff - Rachael Prins
Fashion Coordinator

Rachael Prins also known as "Jemgirl" became an instant Jem fan when the very first show aired. It was the realistic story lines, vibrant goal driven characters, amazing songs & touch of magic that made it the show just for her! Rachael is passionately creative. Her favorite passion of all is music! She composes and produces her own songs, bringing the inspiration of Jem into every element. Rachael also creates custom Jem dolls clothing and accessories. She also loves to collect dolls and set up doll dioramas. Rachael has been involved in the Jem community for quite a few years now and has made some amazing friends through it. Rachael will be producing this year's fashions and is very excited to be attending the event. She's looking forward to meeting everyone there and having some outrageous Jem fun! check out her website:

Tara O'Shea
JemCon 2008 Staff - Tara O'Shea
Programming, Print Production

Tara O'Shea is a Chicago area web designer and freelance journalist. Tara has been a fan of the Jem animated series since its debut as part of the Super Sunday anthology series in 1985, and her favourite character is Stormer. A long-time fan-run media convention attendee, she can almost always be found in a panelroom during the day, and the hotel bar at night. Look for her book, "Chicks Dig Time Lords", Coming in 2009.

Brian Sheppard
JemCon 2008 Staff - Brian Sheppard
Print Production

Brian Sheppard a.k.a riot4jem is a graphic designer for a major international corporation. He also does freelance web design, brochures & promotional items for 6 major labels. Upon discovering Jem in 1986, he became an obsessed fan of the show and the doll. The web breathed new life into his obsession. As a result his website was created, and has been a www fixture for the past 10 years. Brian is excited to be attending the 4th JemCon, 20 years after we said "Farewell" to Jem. "Here's to Forever!"

Alysia Robinette
JemCon 2008 Staff - Alysia Robinette

Alysia Robinette is a Chicago area graphic designer and artist. She has been a Jem fan since the first run on TV and has been working on reacquiring her Jem doll collection for the last several years. Right now she is helping to build the JemCon organization to keep the convention growing for the future.

Maryann Robbins
JemCon 2008 Staff - Maryann Robbins

Maryann Robbins is Kett's twin sister. She loves Jem as much as Kett does. Along with being obsessed with cartoons, and comics, she's a black belt in karate, web programmer, and avid fencer. Maryann's favorite character in Jem is Riot and has a habit of singing random Stingers songs in public just for the heck of it.


JemCon 2008 Hotel
JemCon 2008 took place on September 27 & 28, at The Airtel Plaza Hotel.

The Airtel Plaza Hotel is a first class hotel located in Van Nuys, CA , next to the Van Nuys Airport. The hotel, with its striking glass walled views of tranquil rock gardens, a woodsy brook and manicured lawns combine to bring elegant hospitality melded to a uniquely beautiful environment. The Airtel Plaza delivers the seclusion, intimacy and personal service you would expect of a small property with all the facilities and conveniences of a large hotel. The hotel boasts two restaurants and a lounge, the pioneering colorful aviation décor and delicious food make our two restaurants (Landings & Touch n' Go Cafe) and the Clipper Club Lounge, the Toast of the Town. The hotel is minutes from fine dining, shopping and entertainment.

Flying into LAX? No problem. Airtel Plaza is just 2 blocks away from the FlyAway Terminal and provides courtesy shuttle to and from the terminal.


Weekend Membership (Sat-Sun, all events)

With Fashion: $90
Without Fashion: $65

Saturday Only (includes all events) - $35

Sunday Only (includes all events) - $25

Supporting Memberships!

Can't attend the convention? You can still support the convention! JemCon is offering a non-attending Supporting Membership that include the JemCon 2008 Fashion, JemCon 2008 program, autographed JemCon 2008 poster, and other exclusive JemCon souvenirs!

If you still want a JemCon 2008 Fashion, you can purchase one at the convention, or check back after the con to see if any are still available. Any remaining JemCon 2008 Fashions, t-shirts, and posters will be for sale on the website as fundraising for JemCon 2009.


Time Main Room Classroom Demo Area
5:00 PM Dealer's Room Set-Up (Concorde Ballroom) Closed Closed
6:00 PM
7:00 PM Meet & Greet (Gulfstream Ballroom)
8:00 PM
9:00 PM
10:00 PM
7:00 AM Dealer's Room Set-Up Closed Closed
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
10:00 AM Dealer's Room Opens (Full & Weekend Members Only) Closed Closed
10:30 AM Opening Ceremonies Closed Closed
11:00 AM Christy Marx & Samantha Newark (10:45) - Intro & Brief Q&A Closed Re-Painting Dolls Part 1
11:30 AM Doll Rescue Ultimate Loose Shoe Educational Roundtable  
12:00 PM
12:30 PM Lunch Lunch Re-Painting Dolls Part 2
1:00 PM Mock Voice-Over Session
With Wally Burr
1:30 PM
2:00 PM
2:30 PM Re-Painting Dolls Part 3
3:00 PM Voice Actors Panel
With Samantha Newark, Samantha Paris, Michael Sheehan & Wally Burr

Q&A and Autograph Session
3:30 PM
4:00 PM
4:30 PM
5:00 PM
5:30 PM Cosplay Panel If Not Here, Where? Alternatives to eBay  
6:00 PM Dealer Room Closes
7:00 PM
7:30 PM Evening Events - Samantha Newark Performance, Karaoke & Disco Charity Auction Closed
8:00 PM Closed
8:30 PM
9:00 PM
10:00 PM
9:30 AM Dealer's Room Opens Closed Closed
10:00 AM ID Other Stuff with Liz Cels & Animation Art Re-Rooting Demo
10:30 AM Molding Demo Part 1
11:00 AM Buying Safely on eBay Animation from Concept to Production Patterning Demo
11:30 AM
12:00 PM Selling Tips For eBay Relationships in Jem
12:30 PM Molding Demo Part 2
1:00 PM Jem Animation & Writing
Q&A and Autograph Session with Christy Marx & Roger Slifer
1:30 PM
2:00 PM
2:30 PM
3:00 PM 80s Girl Power
JemCon Board Brainstorming Session Molding Demo Part 3
3:30 PM  
4:00 PM Future JemCon Announcements
5:00 PM Closing Ceremonies
Dealer Room Closes



Guest Panels

Christy Marx & Samantha Newark - Intro & Brief Q&A The convention kicks off with a brief Q&A and intro to fan faves, series creator & writer, Christy Marx and Samantha Newark (Jem/Jerrica's speaking voice).

Mock Voice-Over Session
Have you ever wondered what a real animation voice-over recording session was like? This year at JemCon, there will be a really special event with guest Wally Burr- a Mock Voice Over Recording session where attendees get to participate and try their hand at voice acting.

Voice Actors Panel - Join voice actors Samantha Newark (Jem/Jerrica), Samantha Paris (also known as Bobbi Block, the voice of Roxy) , Michael Sheehan (Rio) & voice director Wally Burr for a Q&A session and autograph session.

Jem Animation Production & Writing
Learn about how the Jem animated series was made from series from producer/story editor/writer Roger Slifer and series creator/story editor/writer Christy Marx, and possibly other surprise guests!

Saturday Evening Events
Saturday evening will feature a performance by Samantha Newark with songs from her new CD, a performance by the Jem Jam cosplay group, Karaoke and an 80s themed disco! Dress up as your favorite Jem character and join the fun!

Doll Panels

Ultimate Loose Shoe Education Roundtable (ULSER) IV: The Voyage Home.
We'll slingshot around the sun, return to 1986, and bring back the right pink shoe to save the Earth! Or something. This is the loose shoe identification class. Bring your mystery shoes to be identified, or just come to gawk at the complete collection of Jem shoes in rainbow order. Also entertaining is seeing how long it takes this year for four-time teacher Liz to start sighing deeply and cursing the Hasbro factories.

Doll Rescue:
Join Sean to learn about how to revive those loose dolls from someone else's basement or attic - from cleaning to stain removal to hair care. As an added bonus, Rafael will demonstrate re-coloring Jem's hair with fabric markers. Contact Sean (svgbaritone) if you'd like to bring a doll to be rescued!

Molding Jem Shoes and Accessories:
Shevona will be demonstrating the whole custom molding process - how to make molds, how to cast shoes and accessories, and how to finish your cast items. A must-see for customizers and just plain curious people alike.

Patterning for Jem Clothes:
If you love to sew and want to figure out how to draft doll patterns, this is the class for you. The JemCon 2008 (and 2005) official fashion seamstress, JemGirl (Rachael) will show you her own tips and tricks for patterning.

Doll Re-rooting:
Whether it's to revive a doll with a bad haircut or to create a new work of art, re-rooting is a very valuable skill. Join Rachael (JemGirl) to learn re-rooting techniques, tools, and tricks of the trade.

Doll Re-painting:
What paints do you use? How do you prepare a doll? What is this "sealing" business about? Rachael will provide answers to these questions and more in a series of demos that will create a custom re-painted doll for our charity auction!

ID Other Stuff with Liz:
It's random, it's geeky, it's vaguely scary, and it has the worst name ever, but it will be fun: bring your Jem sunglasses, your Misfit dolls of unknown edition, your odd-looking variant things, knockoffs, shoes - anything you want help identifying. I'll provide my expertise, such as it is, and hopefully we will all get some answers and contribute to the body of Jem-geeking knowledge.

Cartoon Panels

Animation from Concept to Production:
Shannon Muir's gone from being a JEM fan to a pro in the animation biz, with credits ranging from animation writing to production, including books about the industry. Find out what you've wanted to know about how animation shows come to life from page to screen. Jem Cel Collecting:
The panel will discuss the various aspects of collecting Jem animation art and cel, including the animation process and how cels are made, what the different types of artwork, and the proper care and storage of animation art.

Relationships in Jem:
Discussion of the complex relationships between the Jem characters, from the love triangle between Jem, Jerrica, Rio & Riot, to the rivalry between the Misfits, the apparent harmony of the Stingers. The relationships between the Jem characters is one of the most intriguing aspects of the show.

Cosplay Panel:
Cosplay is short for costume play and is extremely popular with anime fans around the world. Jem fans are now discovering how much fun it is to dress up as their favorite characters from the show. Learn about cosplay and costuming at this panel.

Girl Power Panel:
The 80s were a great time for female characters, especially in cartoons. From Jem to She-ra, to GI Joe's Lady Jaye and Scarlett, there were an abundance of incredibly strong female characters. Maryann will lead a discussion the Girl Power of the 80s, and the current state of strong female characters in the media today

eBay Panels

Selling tips for eBay:
Join experienced Jem seller Joz (AKA felicity-chan) for top tips on selling and avoiding costly mistakes on eBay. Also, the recent eBay changes and their impact will be discussed. All levels of experience welcome, from beginner to expert!

Selling tips for eBay:
Join experienced Jem seller Joz (AKA felicity-chan) for top tips on selling and avoiding costly mistakes on eBay. Also, the recent eBay changes and their impact will be discussed. All levels of experience welcome, from beginner to expert!

If Not Here, Where?: Alternatives to eBay:
Lost the selling or buying magic because of eBay's changes? Wondering what other sites there are and which is best for you? Join this panel to learn alternative selling site suggestions from those brave enough to explore the world beyond eBay.

JemCon Panels

JemCon Board Brainstorming Session JemCon's founder, Liz Pemberton will host a discussion about the ongoing administrative side of JemCon. If you've wondered how things work behind the scenes of JemCon, you'd like to get involved with the Board, or you have comments or concerns, this is the panel for you. As JemCon grows and matures, things will change. New faces and new ideas can help JemCon stay strong.


All JemCon 2008 events will held at the Airtel Plaza Hotel 7277 Valjean Avenue Van Nuys, CA 91406.

Programming times may change slightly, check the posted schedule at the JemCon 2008 Convention for the final programming schedule.


JemCon 2008 Guest - Sam Newark JemCon 2008 is thrilled announce the voice of Jem and Jerrica, Samantha Newark will be the Guest of Honor at JemCon 2008 in Los Angeles.

Samantha Newark is best known as the beloved voice of JEM and JERRICA of the smash cartoon series and pop culture phenomenon, JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS.

Her voice-over credits also include “Transformers”, the feature film “Hook”, “Britney Spears Dance Beat”, “Project A-KO’, Sony Playstation games, and numerous TV projects.

Sam is also an accomplished musician, whose original music and stellar vocals can currently be heard on such TV shows as the CWs “Gossip Girl” and “Life Is Wild” also MTV’s “Laguna Beach”, “Punked” and “My Super Sweet Sixteen”. She has also sung on the much anticipated James Bond video game and has lent her vocals to Sony’s huge hits “God of War”, “Twisted Metal Black” and “Wild Arm’s 3”. Samantha’s new self-titled CD, produced and co-written by Johnny Douglas, is full of infectious, uplifting and very modern Pop Music. It blends smart, acoustic based songwriting with contemporary touches of electronica, crowned with Samantha’s rich, distinctive, and highly expressive vocals.

Samantha Newark’s debut album will be available for download on her website, I-Tunes, CDBaby, Rhapsody, and more…. Visit and
The JemCon 2008 staff were thrilled to have Samantha join us again for JemCon 2008!


JemCon 2008 Guest - Wally Burr JemCon 2008 is pleased to have voice director Wally Burr appearing as a Special Guest.

Legendary animation voice director Wally Burr was the voice director for Jem, along with many other series such as the original Transformers and G.I. Joe series and animated movies, Inhumanoids, Visionaries, Inspector Gadget, The Littles, and many more. Wally founded Wally Burr Recording in Burbank, CA, where the dialogue for Jem was recorded. For Wally’s full credits go to

JemCon 2008 Guest - Christy Marx JemCon 2008 is pleased to have series creator Christy Marx joining us as a Guest at JemCon 2008 in Los Angeles.

Christy Marx’s eclectic, award-winning career spans more than twenty-five years and includes writing for animation, live-action television and film, comic books, videogames and educational books. In animation, she developed the cult-favorite animation series, Jem and the Holograms , along with developing, story editing or writing dozens of animation series such as Conan, X-Men, G.I. Joe, Spider-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She was awarded the WGA/Animation Writers Caucus Award, given for making outstanding contributions to the profession of the animation writer. In comics, she wrote stories for Conan, Red Sonja, and Elfquest, as well as creating the mature-level series and graphic novel, The Sisterhood of Steel . Her award-winning adventure games for Sierra On-Line, Conquests of Camelot and Conquests of the Longbow , are recognized as classics of the genre. She has done writing and content design for games in the PC, console and MMOG categories. Marx is currently the Head Writer Creative Development and Lead Story Designer for a major new MMORPG project.

The JemCon 2008 staff were thrilled to have Ms Marx join us again for JemCon 2008!

JemCon 2008 Guest - Samantha Paris JemCon 2008 is pleased to have voice artist Samantha Paris appearing as a Special Guest.

Samantha Paris (also credited as Bobbi Block) is best known to Jem fans as the voice of ROXY in the JEM animated series. She has voiced numerous animated characters, including Meg Bennett in BIONIC SIX series.

Samantha's other credits and honors include over 1,000 national and regional commercials, three Clio Awards, and National Gabriel Award for Public Service Announcements.

Samantha Paris founded Voicetrax in 1988 as a voiceover-training program, the only one of its kind in the country. Since then, its curriculum has evolved into the most elite and comprehensive course of instruction available in the craft of voice acting. As always, Samantha remains dedicated to developing and mentoring the many talented individuals who come through Voicetrax’s doors.

Another of Samantha's passions is Voicetrax Casting. The casting arm of her business was founded in 1990 and has achieved a nationwide reputation amongst voiceover industry pros as the "go-to" source for locating undiscovered, distinctive, well-trained talent.

JemCon 2008 Guest - Roger Slifer JemCon 2008 is pleased to have producer, writer and story editor Roger Slifer appearing as a Special Guest.

Roger Slifer began his career working in comics, working at both Marvel and DC. He published one of comicdom’s first Graphic Novels, Manhunter, The Complete Saga, and while writing DC’s The Omega Men, he co-created Lobo, the popular and infamous interplanetary bounty hunter.

In the eighties and nineties, Roger worked for Sunbow Productions, first as a writer on the G.I. Joe series, and later as Sunbow’s Supervising Producer of various shows including Transformers, Conan, Bucky O’Hare, My Little Pony, G.I. Joe Extreme, and, of course, Jem. In that role, he oversaw all aspects of production, working with producers and post-production personnel at Sunbow’s co-production partners such as Marvel Productions and Graz Entertainment. In addition to his work on hundreds of hours of TV series programming, he was an executive consultant on three movies: Transformers, G.I. Joe, and My Little Pony. He was also a story editor for many series including Jem, G.I. Joe Extreme, and Streetfighter.

Roger has also written for many animated series including Jem, Bucky O’Hare, Conan, Spider-Man, Princess Tenko, G.I. Joe, and Robocop.

Most recently, he has worked as a writer and consultant in the videogames industry. He is also working on a new comic book series, The Malcontents, to be released in 2009.

JemCon 2008 Guest - Michael Sheehan JemCon 2008 is pleased to have voice actor Michael Sheehan, the voice of Rio, appearing as a Special Guest.

After coming to Hollywood in 1971, Michael Sheehan found an apartment near Hanna-Barbera Studios, and after seven long years earned his SAG card. His first job at H-B was a cartoon series called "The Thing" (1978). Subsequently, he joined well-known agent Don Pitts and was successful in landing several cartoon series with H-B and Marvel productions, as well as Sunbow, and did hundreds of guest appearances for many Saturday morning cartoon series.

He is best known for his role as Rio Pacheco in Jem.

He has also been seen in dozens of commercials and has done voices for commercials on radio and television.

Sheehan is an accomplished artist and videographer as well as a published journalist. He writes poetry and loves to play the mountain dulcimer.

At short notice, we were also blessed to be joined by Jem animator Darrell McNeil and the speaking voice of Danse, Desiree Goyette.


Each year, JemCon raises money for a local charity that embodies the ideals set forth by the Jem™ animated series.

This year, we chose Olive Crest Homes and Services for Abused Children as JemCon 2008's designated charity, raising $1300.

Olive Crest is one of the West Coast's premier children's charities. The organization provides support for foster kids, are an advocate against child abuse, and are dedicated to preserving families. Olive Crest has provided care for over 40,000 children and families.

Olive Crest provides many services to abused and neglected children, serving more than 650 foster children annually. They also provide 24-hour care to children who have experienced trauma, have transitional and independent living programs for young adults aged out of the foster care system, and have family preservation programs that have kept more than 1500 families together.

JemCon 2008 held a charity auction on Saturday Sept 27th to benefit Olive Crest. Many fantastic items were donated, along with personal donations for this worthy cause.

In addition, we also collected school supplies for the Olive Crest kids. Particularly needed were new backpacks, paper, binders and folders, pens and pencils, calculators and rulers.

We hope all the JemCon attendees were excited at the opportunity to help foster kids.


Here at JemCon, we like to encourage visitor and member participation and what better way to do that (and air your creative streak) than with a selection of fun contests.


The winning design for the JemCon 2008 Fashion contest has been chosen! Congratulations to the designer of the fashion, Alon Morris!!

The theme for JemCon 2008's fashion is Rockin' in Los Angeles and Jem fans voted Alon's design the best to bring the glamour & glitter, fashion and fame of the world of JEM™ to a contemporary fashion. Kimber is pictured, but the fashion can be worn by Jem™ and the Holograms™ , the Misfits™ or their friends Video™, Danse™ and Clash™.

Winning fashion contest entry by Alon Morris boxed fashion
* The development of the produced boxed fashion.

This year's fashion will be made by Rachael (Jemgirl) and feature custom Jem yellow pumps made with gold glitter. You can also view the realistic box art as used on the produced, boxed fashion, and see all the other entries in the 2008 Fashion Design Contest news article, which is located in the JemCon News & Updates section.


JemCon 2008's custom doll contest presented 4 winners in 4 outrageous categories!
Complete Custom Winner
"Styla" by Rafael (RioPacheco1)
Custom Re-paint Winner
Astral by Cori (DMs_a_Jem)
Custom Re-root and Re-style Winner
Clash by Cori (DMs_a_Jem)
Miscellaneous Custom Winner
MyScene Misfits by Cori (DMs_a_Jem)

The winners of each category received a $25 gift card to for custom OOAK accessories and the winner of "best in show" also received a custom Jemcon 2008 jacket made by Rachael Prins (Jemgirl).


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