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2013: Share a Little Bit in Maine

We Shared a Little Bit in Maine for the 9th Annual JemCon on October 4, 5 & 6, 2013 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Portland, Maine!

JemCon 2013: Share a Little Bit in Maine, was attended by over 50 Jem™ fans from all over the country and all over the world, including attendees from as far away as Holland. Over 20 supporting memberships were also purchased, making this a very successful JemCon!

The convention featured special guests Sharon Knettell (the Jem™ Toy Line Box Artist), Ellen Bernfeld (the singing voice of Pizzazz), Jem song writer, Anne Bryant and the singing Voice of Jacqui Benton, Angela Cappelli. In addition there were fan panels, workshops, dealers, and displays which included the loose Hasbro line, rare prototypes and custom dolls and fashions shown by our members.

Friday evening brought us JemCon Registration and Registration for our first ever JemCon Pageant and Cosplay Contest! Opening Ceremonies and staff introductions led to our catered Meet 'N Greet, with a new twist on our outrageous Jem™ trivia contest; "Synonym Name That Jem™ Tune"!

JemCon 2013 also boasted longer Vendor and Display Room hours and Saturday was no exception with the former opening bright and early at 7:30am, and the latter opening at 9:00am. After a brief "Welcome to JemCon" we held a discussion panel; "The Hologram Dynamic", and a workshop; "Doll Geeking", which were followed by the solo guest panel "Behind The Boxart" with Sharon Knettell. Saturday's second guest panel followed after lunch with Sharon Knettell, Anne Bryant, and Ellen Bernfeld learning a bit about each other as well as educating us in the process! The JemCon Charity auction and autograph session followed soon after and the convention continued throughout Saturday evening with cosplay entertainment with The Jem Project, a very successful Cosplay Pageant and Contest, Jem™ Karaoke, wonderful member performances and disco!

As Sunday dawned, the Jem-fun continued with more shopping followed by a discussion panel; "Integrity Vs Hasbro", and a workshop; "It's Sew Easy". A very moving guest panel, "Music is Magic", came after with Anne Bryant, Ellen Bernfeld and Angela Cappelli composing and performing the first-ever Jem song in over 25 years especially for JemCon 2013! After "composing" ourselves over lunch, yet another discussion panel and workshop took place; "Jem After Dark" and "Hair, Glorious Hair", followed by our final guest panel featuring all four of our lovely guests. Then, the future of JemCon was discussed as Ilana and the gang told us all about how rockin' JemCon 2014 "Truly Outrageous in Toronto" was going to be and we wrapped up the weekend with the traditional JemCon Closing Ceremonies.

The JemCon 2013 Charity Auction raised $1505 for Preble Street of Portland, Maine's Teen Services division, who meets the urgent needs of homeless and runaway youth providing warmth and safety, nutritious meals, clothing, crisis intervention, and overnight shelter.

Sharon Knettell's favorite charity Sheldrick Wildlife Trust earned some much-needed funds this weekend as well. Sharon invited JemCon to hold a special raffle where the winner receives a one-of-a-kind original Sharon Knettell portrait, done in Jem-style, of the winner as the Jem character of his or her choice! This grand gesture earned $1028 towards elephant conservation! Who was the lucky Jem fan? None other than Topher (Mustang7981) from the JemCon Messageboard!



DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland

JemCon 2013: Share a Little Bit in Maine, was held in Portland, Maine, from October 4th to 6th 2013, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland.

The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland is ideally located two miles from the Portland International Jetport (PWM). This Portland, Maine hotel is just five minutes from all the attractions of Downtown Portland, known as the historic Old Port, featuring shopping, arts and entertainment, fun and historic tours, and a wide variety of food choices. Portland is the home of Portland Sea Dogs baseball at Hadlock Field, Maine Red Claws basketball and also plays host to Portland Pirates Hockey. Visit New England's largest mall, The Maine Mall, right across from the hotel, featuring many shopping choices and a food court. Dine in your choice of restaurants, also within walking distance of the hotel.


$60Saturday and Sunday without souvenir fashion (includes all events)
  • $60 - Membership includes entrance to all of the events on Saturday and Sunday.
    You will also receive a JemCon goodie bag.

Child's single day membership (daytime events only)
  • $20 - Children aged 6-12 years
  • FREE - Children aged 5 years and under (children must be registered even if their membership is FREE)
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All children aged 15 years and under must be accompanied by an adult. There is no JemCon 2013 fashion included with child membership.
If a JemCon 2013 fashion is required, please purchase one as part of an accompanying adult membership.

Supporting memberships
Can't attend the convention? No worries! JemCon is offering a non-attending supporting membership that includes the JemCon 2013 fashion, JemCon 2013 program, autographed JemCon 2013 poster, a JemCon goodie bag, and other exclusive JemCon souvenirs!


Time Ballroom A Ballroom B
4:00pm - 5:00pm Staff & Volunteer Meeting
    5:00pm - JemCon Registration
- 8:00pm     Final Registration for Sat. Cosplay Pageant and Contest
    7:00pm - Opening Ceremonies
- 11:00pm   Meet & Greet Event - Cash bar until 10:00pm
Time Ballroom A Ballroom B
7:00am - 1:00pm JemCon Registration
7:30am - 8:00am Early-Bird I.D. Access to Vendor Room
8:00am - 5:00pm Vendor Room Open
8:30am - 9:00am Welcome to JemCon
9:00am - 7:00pm Display Rooms Open
9:00am - 10:00am The Hologram Dynamic Doll Geeking
10:00am - 11:00am Behind The Boxart with Sharon Knettell
11:00am - 12:00pm Super Shopper Hour
12:00pm - 1:30pm LUNCH BREAK
1:30pm - 2:30pm Guest Panel 1 Q&A
2:30pm - 3:30pm Charity Auction - Preble Street Teen Services
3:30pm - 4:00pm Autograph Session
4:00pm - 5:00pm Super Shopper Hour
5:00pm - 7:00pm DINNER BREAK
    7:00pm - Masquerade and Disco - Cash bar until 10:00pm
  Cosplay Pageant and Contest
  Member Performances
- 11:00pm   Jem Karaoke and 80s Disco
10:00pm Miss Mitzy Cream
Time Ballroom A Ballroom B
7:00am - 9:00am JemCon Registration
7:30am - 8:00am Early-Bird I.D. Access to Vendor Room
8:00am - 3:00pm Vendor Room Open
9:00am - 3:00pm Display Rooms Open
9:00am - 10:00am Integrity vs Hasbro It's Sew Easy
10:00am - 11:00am Music Is Magic Guest Panel
11:00am - 12:00pm Super Shopper Hour
12:00pm - 1:30pm LUNCH BREAK
1:30pm - 2:30pm Jem After Dark Hair Glorious Hair
2:30pm - 4:00pm Guest Panel 2 Q&A
4:00pm - 4:30pm JemCon 2014 & The Future of JemCon
4:30pm - 5:00pm Closing Ceremonies


Guest Panels

Behind The Boxart with Sharon Knettell - For the first time ever at JemCon, Sharon Knettell gives us the scoop on what it was like to be the Jem™Toy Line Box Artist

Full Guest Panel 1 (Saturday) + Q&A + Autograph Session - Our first open panel where anything goes. Join Sharon Knettell (Jem™Toy Line Box Artist), Ellen Bernfeld (singing Voice of Pizzazz), and Jem song writer, Anne Bryant (with extra-special guest Georgia the Dog) for a Q&A session and autograph session.

Music Is Magic Guest Panel - Join Jem song writer, Anne Bryant, Ellen Bernfeld (singing Voice of Pizzazz), and Angela Cappelli (singing Voice of Jacqui Benton) while they perform a special song for JemCon 2013 composed just moments before! I am getting teary-eyed just thinking of it!

Full Guest Panel 2 (Sunday) + Q&A - Our second open panel. More reminiscing from Sharon, Anne, Ellen and Angela. Like Saturday's panel but without the autograph session.

Doll Panels

Doll Geeking with Liz
Lead = elaineofspain (JemCon Board, JemCon Founder)
Did you ever want to learn all the idiosyncracies and differences between all the Jem dolls and the places they were manufactured? How about the color differences between Jem shoes and hair picks? Have the unique shapes of Jem sunglasses ever boggled your mind? If the answer is 'yes' to any of these questions, Liz's expertise will not let you down!

It's Sew Easy
Lead = svgbaritone (2013 Staff/Guest Coordinator) & gypsyallie (2013 Public Relations Liaison)
Sean and Allie will teach you all about how to sew those small-scale garments for all your dolly needs. Follow the ups and downs of Sean's trusty sewing machine while they both offer up tips to make sewing those little garments that much easier; from fabrics and threads, to patterns and techniques.

Hair, Glorious Hair
Lead = bluehairedgoddess (2013 Con Chair) with special guests ash (JemCon Board) & Mustang7981 (JemCon Board)
Maria will demonstrate doll hair re-rooting techniques including head removal, what tools will make it easier all the way to what type of doll hair to choose for the job. Follow her through all the steps needed to give your doll a fresh head of new hair! Ash will show you the differences between Integrity head removal and your average fashion doll and Chris has a few hair-styling tricks up his sleeve!

Cartoon Panels

The Hologram Dynamic
Lead = Luis (2013 Staff, Public Relations)
There have been discussions in the past about everyone's favorite rival bands the Misfits and the Stingers. Let's face it, the "bad guys" are always more interesting...or are they? What about the Holograms? What would Jem have done without her bandmates, their relationships and secret-keeping capabilities? Could Jem have survived as a solo act? Join Luis as these questions and more get discussed at The Hologram Dynamic panel.

Jem After Dark
Lead = Luis (2013 Staff, Public Relations)
Join Luis once again as he delves into the "personal" lives of the characters of our favorite cartoon, talking about all those juicy things you can't discuss on the messageboard! Topics such as how many boyfriends Danse really had, why Kimber was so popular with the guys, and our favorite love triangle: Jerrica, Rio, and Jem!

JemCon Panels

JemCon in Toronto - 2014 Discussion and The Future of JemCon
Lead = forgethead (2013 Staff, JemCon Vice Chair), unConventionalKimber (2013 Staff, JemCon Co-Vice Chair) & garth_j (2013 Staff, JemCon Co-Vice Chair)
After a short video getting fan reactions to a Toronto JemCon, Ilana, the 2014 Con-Chair, will give a presentation about Toronto, Ontario, the JemCon 2014 location. It is the capitol of Ontario and Canada's largest city boasting fine modern buildings, a number of interesting old ones, and a vibrant night and cultural life. There will be an open Q&A session for curious attendees regarding traveling to Canada, topics such as cost, obtaining passports, public transportation and lots of other information that will be very helpful to those considering venturing to Canada in 2014.


Entertainment is a major part of any convention and JemCon is no exception; how else would we keep the atmosphere so colorfully fresh to keep visitors coming back time and time again!?

JemCon 2013 Entertainment :: The Jem Project

The Jem Project was founded in 2002 by a group of friends who had two common interests: costuming and Jem. Their first cabaret-style performance was for "The Red & White Show" for Anime North 2002 and later that year, they expanded to include The Misfits and entered the masquerade competition at Toronto Trek with "Glitter 'n' Gold" and "Takin' It All". They won four awards that year; "Best Battle of the Bands" for both performances, "Best Prop Work" for the instruments that were created, and "Best Interpretation" of the dresses worn. In 2003, The Jem Project planned their biggest show yet; "The Truly Outrageous Tour!" where all the bands were represented on stage, blending the songs together to play out the story of Jem through a concert format while incorporating live singing mixed with lip sync.

The Jem Project went on a few years of hiatus as the founder, Sandra Cosimano Smiley, worked to find a new venue and new actors to fill characters. With Sandra's husband also into costuming, they worked together to bring The Jem Project back on stage while Sandra made appearances at different conventions in new costumes to advertise the group.

In 2009, The Jem Project came back to the stage at Dragon*Con with their most elaborate costumes. "Welcome to the Mardi Gras!" was a hit with Jem fans. Sandra was interviewed for CNN Radio during the convention, with questions about costuming and The Jem Project. In 2010, they performed for the first time at JemCon, wearing costumes from "Culture Clash" and will be gracing the stage yet again during JemCon 2013 "Share a Little Bit in Maine" reprising the "Glitter n' Gold" costumes.

Sandra, had always wanted to play Jem on stage since she fell in love with the show back in 1985. With her love of costuming and with the support of her husband and friends, these dreams have come true again!

Find out more about The Jem Project and follow them on Facebook, MySpace and LiveJournal.

JemCon 2013 Entertainment :: Garth

Garth Jensen (aka Jumbo Jem) lives near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His love of Jem & The Holograms began during childhood where he owned an original JEM/Jerrica doll and took on a whole new life with DVD releases of the show and the discovery of JemCon. He has also recently begun to collect some of the new dolls from the Integrity line as well as keeping himself busy with multiple hobbies and projects.

With a background in drama and english, Garth loves to express himself through writing, remixes and performance and is also a die-hard over-the-air television fan. While he is known especially for his Mariah Carey remixes, he credits Madonna and Jem both as musical influences and JemCon in particular has inspired Garth to experiment with Jem mashups and mixes to give the classic tracks a new twist.

For JemCon 2013, Garth was honored and thrilled to debut his new Jem Megamix with a drag performance during the Saturday evening festivities, using props and wonderful theatrical touches. Seamless song changes, excellent mash-ups and "Pizzazz" galore kept people more than entertained. Garth truly is a "Jem"!

Most of all, Garth would like to give thanks to the amazing folks who work hard to make JemCon a special experience for all attendees! They are truly outrageous!

Check out Garth's websites: and

JemCon 2013 Entertainment :: Tivia

Tivia has been sharing her sign language interpretations to music for over 15 years and has been bringing these unique presentations to Jemcon since 2011. Her skills developed while working with both deaf and hearing students in a unique children's theater environment where music and sign language always went hand in hand.

She has won honors in both state and regional competitions for signing to music. This skill also proved useful in a recent karaoke video contest which she won without actually singing a note...just using sign language!

She is a longtime fan and avid collector of all things related to Jem. She has a background in media and creative arts and has used her skills in these areas to direct stage productions, children's theater and has even done some animation voiceover work herself. She loves to make custom creations and credits the Jem series as having an early influence on her and inspiring her creative nature.

Frequently called upon to emcee special events, Tivia has a background in pageants in her home state. She is a whiz on the mic and along with her partner in Jem crime, Allie Galland (gypsyallie), pulled off the amazing and most successful JemCon 2013 Cosplay Pageant and Contest.

Tivia is honored to be showcased at JemCon 2013 to "share a little bit" of her unique talents with all of us fans!

JemCon 2013 Entertainment :: Miss Mitzy Cream

Miss Mitzy Cream is Toronto's burlesque sweetheart.

In the past seven years, Mitzy has built a repertoire of 59 different acts. She is an expert tassel twirler as well, leaving crowds in awe. Costumes are very important and she makes sure that every detail is perfect, from the bows in her hair to matching garters gloves and shoes!

Mitzy has performed over Canada and Europe and has been on four tours so far. In 2004, she formed "Miss Mitzy Cream's Kitten Revue" and started producing her own shows which she promptly took on tour to receive much acclaim.

In the same year, Mitzy won first runner-up in the Miss Viva Las Vegas Pageant.

In the 2008 Boston Burlesque Expo™, Mitzy won three out of four legend awards, and this year, one another legends choice title, proving to be a favorite among the judges. She has performed in many festivals including the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, Montreal Burlesque Festival, and at the prestigious Burlesque Hall Of Fame, Tease-O-Rama Burlesque Convention, target="_blank">Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekender, The Great Boston Burlesque Exposition, and The New York Burlesque Festival. Mitzy is also key part of the Toronto Burlesque Festival committee.

Find out more about Miss Mitzy Cream at her website,, MySpace and YouTube.


Each year, JemCon is priviledged to play host to some of our favourite Jem voice artists, writers and other influential people directly involved in the making of the Jem animated series, products and merchandise.

These wonderful people are still prevalent in the cartoon, comic, gaming and toy industry today and take time out of their hectic schedules to spend time with us and offer their support.

The special guests currently that attended JemCon 2013: Share a Little Bit in Maine, are listed below.

 Sharon Knettell :: Jem™ Toy Line Box Artist

The daughter of an advertising executive and a nurse, Sharon was born in Connecticut. In high school, Sharon studied art with Sanford Lowe, the founder and director of the New Britain Museum of Art. She attended the Loomis Chaffee School, majored in Fine Arts at the Boston Museum School, and has also studied in Rhode Island with artist Eugene Tonoff. Sharon is an exibiting artist who has won many awards for her work over the years. She has done editorial illustrations for magazine clients such as Playboy, Cosmopolitan, McCalls, and Ladies Home Journal. In addition, her realistic portraiture has allowed her to work with top names like Warner Brothers, Orion Pictures, Pepsi Cola, and of course, Hasbro.

(Read about Sharon's Jem™ journey...)

Sharon has taught at the Rhode Island School of Design and continues to work as a fine artist painting from life. She currently paints colorful ballerinas, as she states in her Blogger profile: "I am painting life sized paintings of rather funky dancers clothed in costumes somewhat reminicient of Degas, but a bit updated. I am not interested in rehashing Degas, but like him I am interested in the dance because I can use pretty costumes and girls." In addition, she has taken up championing the conservation of elephants and has even held a contest in support of this cause - the prize was an original piece of Jem™-style artwork by the artist herself. Sharon plans to continue raising awareness and money for this cause which is so dear to her by holding a raffle at Jem Con in Portland. The winner will receive an original piece of Jem™-style artwork by Sharon!

Read more about Sharon's favored elephant charity, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Also follow Sharon's musings on the art world, painting from life, and her own creations on her blog, Painting From Life.

Ellen Bernfeld :: The singing voice of "Pizzazz"

Ellen Bernfeld, best known by the Jem community for her role as bad girl singing character, "Pizzazz" from the Jem animated series, now performs as "Norma Human", singing with satirical wit about world events and against political injustice for the masses. Ellen was also "Menage", the 80s disco artist, and the voice of ten different singing characters in "Songs For Dogs" and "Songs For Cats" - writing the songs with her partner, Anne Bryant (also of Jem song writer fame).

A longtime NYC studio singer, songwriter and actress, Ellen has sung popular commercial jingles and sung with major recording artists on their albums, while also releasing her own singles and albums around the world.

Ellen is the President of GloryVision Ltd (website no longer available).

Keep track of Ellen's alter-ego, "Norma Human", at and on Twitter at

The above text is an adaptation of Ellen's bio available at GloryVision Ltd (website no longer available).

Anne Bryant :: Song-writer for the Jem™ animated series

Anne Bryant is a composer, arranger and producer of music for television, advertising and film. She composed the Transformers theme and the theme and songs for the Jem show. Along with partner, Ellen Bernfield, Anne wrote the songs in their albums "Songs For Dogs" and "Songs For Cats".

Anne is a writer and multimedia artist working with film and video, music, art and design. She has created mathematical software for film composers and authored texts on the subject of finite timings.

Anne is the Chairman of of GloryVision Ltd (website no longer available).

The above text is an adaptation of Anne's bio available at GloryVision Ltd (website no longer available).

Angela Cappelli :: The Singing Voice of "Jacqui Benton"

Whether it's singing David Letterman's Top Ten list dressed in a space suit, "pigging out" as an Oinker Sister on Sesame Street or performing on jingles, records, TV and movie soundtracks over a thirty year span, Angela Cappelli has done it all.

Her credits include many appearances on The Late Show With David Letterman, Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and all the New York-based morning TV shows as a backup singer for artists such as Justin Timberlake, Faith Hill, Darlene Love, Tony Bennett, Snoop Dog, Carole King, Aaron Neville, Marvin Hamlisch, Jackie Chan, and The Righteous Brothers.

She has recorded with dozens of artists including Bette Midler, Mick Jagger, Foreigner, Dionne Warwick, Michael Bolton, Jewel, Sting, Arif Mardin and many more. A generation of children has grown up listening to her sing on Sesame Street TV shows, movies, home videos, LPs, and CDs for more than 25 years. Her jingle credits over the past three decades include GE, Charmin, Bounty, Venus, Jif, KoolAid, Cadbury, Maybelline, Lowes, Coke, Doublemint, Budweiser, Hess, Nexium and hundreds more.

Angela would like to thank all the wonderful people at JemCon for inviting her to join in this year's celebration. Being the singing voice of Jem™'s mother, as well as singing backgrounds on numerous song tracks for the Jem show in the 1980s, was more than just a job back then. It was fun and creative and an honor to be part of the project. To now be included in this "Jem™" family again, is such a wonderful and unexpected surprise! "Thank you!"


JemCon visitors can expand their collections by buying goods from our vendor and dealer tables.

Our visitors can also expand their knowledge with renewed awareness of the wonderful Jem collectibles and memorabilia on show in our Jem display.


Please note, pricing is only applicable to people who would like to sell goods at JemCon. Contributing to the display tables is free-of-charge!

Vendor PricingExclusive! :: Vendor-Member Combi-Deal Discounts! - available until September 12th, 2013
If you plan on registering for an attending membership, why not get a vendor-member combi-deal discount!

Register for any attending membership along with your vendor membership to enjoy even more savings!
  • $15 Discount off total Vendor price with a paid Full-Weekend membership. That's only $35!
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  • $5 Discount off total Vendor price with a paid Single-Day membership (Saturday OR Sunday). $45 is still a deal!

Vendor PricingStandard Vendor Pricing
1 Table + 2 vendor badges: $50 each
Table size: 6 feet long
  • Additional tables: $25 each
  • Any table requiring an electrical outlet: $10
  • Table cost includes tablecloth, skirting and two chairs
Vendor PricingVendor Room Hours * Times are subject to change
Saturday - 7:30am - 8:00am: Early-Bird Admittance only.
Saturday - 8:00am - 12:00pm & 1:00pm - 5:00pm: Open to everyone.
Sunday - 7:30am - 8:00am: Early-Bird Admittance only.
Sunday - 8:00am- 11:30pm & 12:30pm - 3:00pm: Open to everyone.

(The times below are pertinent to attending vendors only)
Vendor room setup: Friday, October 4th, 4:00pm.
Vendor room additional set-up: Saturday, October 5th, 8:00am.
Vendor room teardown: Sunday, October 6th, 4:00pm.
Prohibited ItemsProhibited Items
This includes (but is not limited to):
  • Bootleg copies of media, including CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, soundtracks, movies, television shows, cartoons, video games, or computer programs
  • Fansubs (unlicensed "fan-subtitled" television programs or movies, where audio dialogue is unofficially translated and subtitled into other languages)
  • Unlicensed merchandise with copyrighted Jem logo or imagery, including t-shirts, buttons, checkbook covers, etc.
  • Copies of items including model sheets, animation cels, the Jem Bible, or scripts
  • Food and drink items
  • Weapons, including metallic swords, knives or scissors
Any vendor found selling unlicensed merchandise will be asked to removed the items. JemCon reserves the right to expel from the premises any vendor found selling unlicensed Jem merchandise who refuses to remove said materials from their table(s).

Merchandise SuggestionsMerchandise Suggestions
Besides Jem items, a wide variety of toys and dolls will appeal to JemCon attendees, including:
  • Darci, Barbie (especially 70s and 80s), Mego, and other 12½" fashion dolls
  • 80s My Little Pony
  • He-man and She-Ra
  • 80s Strawberry Shortcake
  • Other vintage 80s toys
  • Animation cels, especially from 80s cartoons
  • Custom made dolls, doll clothing, and doll accessories
  • Fan art is allowed if it meets JemCon Fan Art Guidelines (below)
JemCon Fan Art GuidelinesJemCon Fan Art Guidelines
Fan artwork may be sold at JemCon as long as it meets certain guidelines:
  • No unflattering or controversial fan art is allowed. Depictions of violence, drug use, smoking, nudity, crude poses, or anything sexual (beyond what was shown in the cartoon) are not allowed.
  • Please keep fan art G-rated as JemCon is a family friendly convention.
  • Fan art accurately depicting dolls, characters, fashions, playsets, etc., is allowed as long as it doesn't too closely resemble produced Jem art.
  • Anything that could be a tracing or copy of existing art not allowed.
  • Fan fiction is not allowed.
JemCon staff reserve the right to remove any fan art violating the JemCon fan art guidelines. If you are unsure whether your artwork is within JemCon guidelines, please contact JemCon on the JemCon vendor enquiry form with samples of your artwork at any time before the convention.

Attending Vendor List
Below is a confirmed list of dealers who will be selling goods at JemCon:
  • Milky Mixer - Colorful art prints, postcards, t-shirts, original paintings, and custom dolls
  • Coast City Comics - Comic books, toys, and apparel
  • Dear Stormer - Original and printed artwork, custom made Jem fashions, and a little something for every good Misfit
  • Jem Con Official Merchandise - Our official doll fashions, prints, t-shirts, and souvenirs plus other Jem items
  • Forever Jem - Custom molded shoes and accessories, plus Jem doll fashions
  • Tivia's Custom Creations - Vintage and custom made Jem fashions, jewelry, and other unique creations
  • Neko Jin Designs - Jem inspired jewelry, accessories, and fanart
  • Kori Handwerker - Jem related art cards, prints, and on-site commissions
  • The Painted Pineta - Face painting to transform you into your favorite character
  • Uptown Vinyl - Records, cd's, 80s hits, and 80s fashion
  • Will (jemidol) and Steve's Excellent Emporium - Loose Jem dolls, accessories, and Monster High
  • Omar's (actionman81) Awesomeness - Barbies, clothing, and custom stands


The designated charity for JemCon 2013: Share a Little Bit in Maine, was Preble Street!

The mission of Preble Street is to provide accessible, barrier-free services to empower people experiencing problems with homelessness, housing, hunger, and poverty; and to advocate for solutions to these problems.

Preble Street

In 1975 Preble Street was founded as a neighborhood center to involve and empower homeless and low-income residents. They were also the first agency in Maine to recognize that homeless people needed access to the things that we may take for granted.

Preble Street has Housing Services for the homeless such as Florence House, which provides safe, supported permanent housing to chronically homeless women and Logan Place, which provides efficiency appartments and 24 hour on-site support for 30 adults who had been persistently homeless. They also offer Advocacy Programs founded on the principle that empowering people to speak for themselves gives volume to their voices and ensures that their needs and wisdom are heard. These programs include Homeless Voices for Justice, the Maine Hunger Initiative, and Home For Good.

Due to the items donated by our generous members, we raised $1505 for Preble Street's Teen Services division where they provide shelter and much needed programs for the obstacles facing the homeless youth in the Portland area.

Thanks to our Special Guest Sharon Knettell, elephant conservation got a boost JemCon weekend too! Sharon offered to raffle off her services for a Jem-style portrait to one lucky member to benefit the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and thanks to her lovely offer, the elephants got $1028 and JemCon member Topher (Mustang7981) is getting a portrait of himself in the style of his favorite Jem character!


Here at JemCon, we like to encourage visitor and member participation and what better way to do that (and air your creative streak) than with a selection of fun contests.


The winning design was announced on December 31st, 2012. Choosing was hard from so many gorgeous designs but Raya and Jetta "Shared a Little Bit" of fashion-sense in this exciting "HoloMisfits" flip-side design by Dara Connelly (Arashi842).

Winning fashion contest entry by Dara Connellysample card art image
* The development of the produced boxed fashion.


The winning design was announced on March 4th, 2013. We received 9 lovely entries but the winner overall was Elizabeth R (CE11)! Navy blue, black and silver accents? Very stylish indeed!

Winning fashion contest entry by Elizabeth Rsample card art image
* An example of how the final produced fashion backing card art might look.


For this year's print, we wanted to see how well the Misfits could pull off the a Rock N' Curl-style outfit and after receiving 9 lovely entries, they can do it quite well! The other unique thing about this particular contest is that there were three winners for the three Misfits!

The winning designs were announced on May 6th, 2013 and coming in first place was Dara Connelly (Arashi842) with Stormer dressed in leather and tattered silver with red accents. In second place was TJ Schessler (Milky Mixer) with Pizzazz sporting stripes; tiger and otherwise and third place was scooped up by Damon D'Amour (Synthguy) with Roxy adorned with purple and green geometric shapes! Great job everyone!

The three print contest winners!Finished painting by Allie G!
* This is the lovely painting that will become JemCon 2013's Official Print! Please note: The official prints will not be watermarked.

You can read more about the Print Design Contest and see all the other entries in the 2013 Print Design Contest news article, which is located in the JemCon News & Updates section.


The winner was announced on July 13th, 2013 and a big congratulations to Deena Collender (PrincessJem), whose design showcased the leaders of the three bands "sharing" an album cover in her signature style! Her artwork, along with covers submitted by our two runners up - Laurie (Tivia) and Jessica Center (faejemgrl) - was turned into a one-of-a-kind CD available to our attending and supporting members.

album art winnersfinished cd
* This is the actual JemCon 2013 procuced CD!


What was the theme?
Jem and The Holograms and The Misfits are invited to play a benefit concert in Portland, Maine. Neither band is thrilled about sharing a stage with one another, but what they don't know is that they will be sharing backstage too!

We tasked the Jem community to write a story telling what happens when Jem and The Holograms and The Misfits are forced to share a dressing room. To keep things interesting, we wanted you to include the following three things somewhere in your stories; a lobster, a lighthouse, and Clash!

The author of the winning story received kudos and notoriety among Jem fans and the story itself had the pleasure of gracing the pages of JemCon 2013: Share a Little Bit in Maine's official program with special cover art designed by T.J. Schuessler (Milky Mixer).

Judging Criteria
The fan-fiction entries were read by a special panel of judges chosen for this contest. They were numbered 1-8 based on these criteria:

The winning story
The winning entry for the 2013 Fan Fiction Contest is Lobster For Four by Tivia!

All of the stories entered for this contest were very well received by our judges and according to them, choosing a winner was no easy task! Here are the other stories that are worth much more than an honorable mention in alphabetical order:


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