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2014 - Toronto, ON, CAN

We were Truly Outrageous in Toronto for the 10th Annual JemCon on September 26, 27 & 28, 2014 at the Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

JemCon 2014: Truly Outrageous in Toronto, was attended by over 150 Jem™ fans from all over North America and the world, including attendees from as far away as Holland and England. Over 25 supporting memberships were also purchased, helping fans enjoy a slice of JemCon no matter where they were located!

The convention featured special guests including animated series creator Christy Marx, Samantha Newark (speaking voice of Jem/Jerrica) in her first Canadian appearance, Ellen Bernfeld (singing voice of Pizzazz), Ellen Gerstell (speaking voice of Rapture), and Siren Santina (1986 Truly Outrageous Audition contest winner). In addition, there were fan panels, workshops, dealers, and displays which included the vintage Hasbro line, rare prototypes, as well as the full set of Integrity dolls and unique customs from attendees.

Friday evening included JemCon Registration and the Friend Or Stranger: Meet & Greet Event, plus Trivia, Games, and Fun Galore!

Saturday started off with the Vendor and Display Room showcasing fabulous artists and sellers offering a wide array of delights! After a brief "Welcome to JemCon" we launched into panels such as "Hollywood Jem: The Fashions and The Fame" alongside "It All Depends On The Shoes I'm In" for doll lovers. The first guest panel, "Sting Sting Stingers" brought together Ellen Gerstell and Christy Marx to reflect on the animated series. Saturday's second guest panel was the "Jem Jam" featuring Ellen Bernfeld, Ellen Gerstell, Christy Marx and Samantha Newark discussing all their outrageous experiences with Jem! An autograph session was followed by the JemCon Charity auction. Saturday evening featured performances from Karen, Tivia, Garth, and Sweet Sinners doing a Misfits act. Tivia's Cosplay Pageant and Contest, Jem™ Karaoke, and the 80s Disco had everyone jamming all night long!

Sunday featured even more panels including "Perfect Match: Relationships in Jem" plus "Designing Woman: Tivia's Master Class." There was also "She Makes An Impression: Cosplaying Panel" with special guest Siren Santina and "All In The Style: Doll Styling" which teased everyone with beautifully bold hair tips! Our final guest panel was "Click/Clash" with Samantha Newark and Ellen Bernfeld (Jem and Pizzazz!) talking about their unique experiences performing speaking and singing roles for the Jem series. Last, but not least, we discussed the future of JemCon with Damon and he gave us his vision for JemCon 2015: Freedom In Philadelphia just before the chair was literally passed to him during the JemCon Closing Ceremonies.

Many JemCon 2014 attendees headed into Downtown Toronto Sunday night for the Jem Flash & Sizzle Burlesque Show. This one of a kind burlesque show, hosted by Sexy Mark Brown as Eric Raymond, featured performances by many prominent burlesque performers from all over North America, including JemCon Special Guest Siren Santina, as well as appearances by Samantha Newark and Ellen Bernfeld. It was the the perfect ending to a truly outrageous weekend in Toronto.

The JemCon 2014 Charity Auction raised over $1200 for Toronto Cat Rescue whose mission is to rescue and find homes for abandoned, sick or injured cats from situations of abuse, neglect or imminent euthanasia.

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JemCon 2014 STAFF

NameStaff Position
Mitzy Cream
Chair (messageboard ID = forgethead)

Mitzy (aka Ilana aka Minx) resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Mitzy has been a Jem fan since the show originally aired in the 80s, and enjoyed playing with the dolls in her childhood. Mitzy has made it her goal to collect all of the Integrity dolls, though something that's missing in her life is Glitter and Gold Rio. A renowned burlesque performer, Mitzy was recently inducted into the Canadian Burlesque Hall of Fame. Jem was actually an inspiration for Mitzy to get into Burlesque, as it was the concerts she gave for her grandparents that inspired her to want to perform even more. Mitzy is also a fierce cosplayer and can't wait to share her love of dressing up with everybody at JemCon. Since 2008, Mitzy has attended every single JemCon and feels it was her Destiny to show everybody a Truly Outrageous time in Toronto. Mitzy is also a diehard Stingers devotee. She would do anything for Riot, except that.
Ankur Malhotra
Co-Chair / Table (messageboard ID = unConventionalKimber)

Ankur Malhotra grew up in Toronto, Canada, watching the show as a small child, but his memories of it were hazy until he re-discovered the show in his early 20s. However, Ankur grew up singing songs such as "Congratulations To Me" and "All's Right With The World" and it wasn't until he got back into the show that he realized these were Jem songs. Ankur claims that hearing Jem and all of her high notes as a child was a gateway for him to become a lifelong Mariah Carey fan. An avid traveller and photographer, Ankur has enjoyed visiting all of JemCon's varied locations, but is glad he won't have "Too Much" driving to do in 2014. Ankur's favourite part of JemCon is always the masquerade and karaoke, where he gets to sing in costume/character (with his unique twists on cosplaying), and is looking forward to doing that for the fifth time at JemCon 2014.
Garth Jensen
Co-Chair / Ottoman (messageboard ID = garth_j)

Garth Jensen (aka Jumbo Jem) lives near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Garth is thrilled that his fifth JemCon experience will take place very close to home! Garth has been a devoted Jem fan since his childhood. He had an original Jem/Jerrica doll, and has recently begin to collect some of the new dolls from the Integrity line as well. Garth is always keeping himself busy with multiple hobbies and projects, including a love of all things Wonder Woman and Madonna, plus he's a die-hard over-the-air television fan. He's also a renowned remixer, known especially for his Mariah Carey remixes, but over the last few years Garth has put together six different Jem remixes. When in costume, Garth loves to perform as Jem, though his friends will be the first to tell you that he is a Jerrica since he is always wanting to do the right thing. and that makes him a superstar! Check out his websites: and
Beverley Hooton
Web Designer, Developer and Advisor (messageboard ID = Bob)

Affectionately known as "Bob" by friends and family, Bob has been a dedicated fan of Jem since the age of 7. She started collecting Jem merchandise seriously in 2002 after the discovery of the internet and the realisation that Jem extended beyond the run of season 1 episodes originaly aired in the UK. As webmaster of:, Bob enjoys being creative and artistic. She credits Jem with sparking her interest in webdesign, which lead to a career move early in 2008. Bob now works as web technician for a Specialist Technology College, while running Focus on Function Web Design, the JemCon mini-website service, and developing web administration tools, such as Fast Edit and Fast Apps, in her spare time. In 2004 Bob made 10 full-sized Holograms and Misfits costumes for her friends to wear on her birthday "Jem Night." She is looking forward to continuing this creative streak and making more costumes for her twin sister Jacki and herself to wear at JemCon 2014!
Maria O'Connell
Truly Outrageous Superstar (messageboard ID = bluehairedgoddess)

Maria O'Connell aka bluehairedgoddess makes her home in Phippsburg, Maine. Some of her favourite pastimes include crafts of all kinds, expanding her several collections and of course doll customization. Maria's life-long love of Jem began when the cartoon originally aired. She soon acquired her 1st Edition Jem and Aja dolls. Christmas of that year brought many more Jem surprises, further allowing her to expand her imagination. Due to Jem, Maria also adopted a love of music that would lead to a stint in a local band. Her passion for Jem was reignited in 2001 with the discovery of Jem on the web and eBay where the "frenzy" began. Currently, Maria boasts 60+ dolls including 7 original childhood dolls. Her goal is to own all of the produced fashions and dolls to display them. JemCon has quickly become a second home for Maria. Here she has met many amazing friends. Maria hopes to use her creativity and unique personality to bring added excitement and a fresh perspective to an already rich community.
Cosplay Coordinator / Videographer / Fashion Coordinator (messageboard ID = Tivia)

Tivia is a longtime fan and avid collector of all things related to Jem. She has a background in media and creative arts and has used her skills in these areas to direct stage productions, children's theater and has even done some animation voiceover work herself. She loves to make custom creations and credits the Jem series as having an early influence on her and inspiring her creative nature. Tivia identifies with the duality of the Jem/Jerrica characters and loves the "secret identity" element of the show. She also loves all the music and has enjoyed being present for some great musical moments at JemCon including Britta Phillips hitting the high note on "Music is Magic" and watching Anne Bryant in the process of creating "a new Jem song". The wonderful friendships she has made through Jem Con are part of what keep her actively involved and she is enthusiastic about being part of this year's staff.
TJ Schuessler
Art Coordinator (messageboard ID = Milky Mixer)

TJ is a fan of all things 80s and has been making art since he was old enough to hold a crayon. He has been a Jem fan since the beginning, when Jem was aired in 10 minute episodes on Super Sundays. The wild colors, mysterious makeup, and rockin' adventure storylines made a vivid impression on him. So much so, that Jem has been influencing his artwork in one way or another ever since. His favourite characters are Stormer and Kimber, the good bad girl and the bad good girl. TJ's favourite episodes are "The Bands Break Up", "In Search of the Stolen Album" and "Adventure In China." Be sure to visit TJ's outrageous website:
Allison Galland
Public Relations Coordinator (messageboard ID = gypsyallie)

Allie hails from Brooklyn, NY. She has always enjoyed Jem, but experienced a true Jem Renaissance when the show began airing on The Hub. Her favourite episode is "Island of Deception." Allie never had Jem dolls as a child, and always favored the cartoon aesthetic of the characters. This led her to get her first Jem doll (Stormer) and begin repainting and sewing cartoon-accurate custom fashions. Allie also enjoys painting and drawing, and loves all the inspiration from creative people in the Jem community. You can see her work at: and She loves the Misfits best, and Stormer is her true-blue favourite.
Liz Pemberton
Senior Advisor (messageboard ID = elaineofspain)

Elizabeth Pemberton is from Van Wert, OH, and lives in Minneapolis, MN, where she hosted the first JemCon in 2005. Liz remembers seeing a few episodes of the cartoon when it first aired, but she was in high school and didn't have time for much TV. She didn't get her first Jem doll until 2003, but has made up for that with not only a large Jem collection, but also extensive chunks of the Darci, Maxie, and Creata doll lines, 1980's knockoff fashions of all kinds, and stupefying numbers of That Other Doll. Liz works at a music store, doing nerdy data and computer stuff. She also holds a job as the first soprano soloist and section leader at the Episcopal cathedral in Minneapolis, plays saxophone and recorder, reads voraciously, and spoils her cats. At JemCon, she can most frequently be seen lecturing about shoes. The JemCon community never ceases to amaze her, and she is deeply honoured to be part of it, and to be back on staff for 2014!
Shevona M-H
Display Coordinator / Senior Advisor (messageboard ID = shevonabmx)

Shevona is from MI and is a full-time stay at home mom of two. She has loved Jem since she was a little girl. This passion for Jem has led her to collect the entire produced line and over 50 custom fashions and dolls. She was honoured to be featured in the Jem Fan section of the DVD release. Shevona's favourite episode is "Mid Summer's Night Madness" and her favourite character is Jerrica. She loves to make OOAK Jem dolls, fashions and accessories. For more info on Shevona's work, check out her website:
Chris Howe
Display Liaison (messageboard ID = Mustang7981)

Chris (aka Topher) is from New Hampshire and first discovered JemCon when it passed through his home state in 2010. It was like a dream come true to find a whole convention that celebrated one of his favorite childhood memories, and that it would be held just 20 minutes from his home. Jem has always been a big part of his life since he was little. There isn't an aspect of her that he doesn't enjoy; from the cartoon, to the music, to the dolls. He only had a small collection of Jem toys during youth but always longed to have them all. It wasn't until the release of the shout DVD's that his adult fandom really kicked off and the pursuit of all things Jem ensued. Topher now proudly owns the collection of his dreams and his most favorite thing, is to style and display them (taking over an entire wall!). Since discovering JemCon in 2010, Topher has attended the 2012 and 2013 conventions and is very much looking forward to having the chance to help out with the upcoming convention in Toronto. The whole JemCon experience has been the highlight of every year and he can't wait to see what is in store for 2014!
Luis Trujillo
Senior Advisor (messageboard ID = Luis)

Luis is a true Misfit at heart: wants to be Pizzazz, will date Stormer, will go to Jetta, will count on Roxy, and be praised by Clash. Luis has followed the cartoon since the 80s and it's his #1 passion. Like usual, he fell for the toyline which now makes his wallet cry with the recent introduction of the modern Integrity line.
Rachel Schmitt
Public Relations Liaison (messageboard ID = Summer Stormer)

Rachel, aka Summer Stormer, lives happily in Indianapolis, IN with her keytar and is not a newcomer to Jem...not by a long shot. As an early 80s child, she grew up watching and singing along with the cartoon. After accidentally stumbling across an episode on the Hub one night after work in 2011, the nostalgia bug and many happy memories were triggered, causing her to dive face-first into the Internet and see if there were others out there like her who remembered and loved the show. Needless to say, she was ecstatic when she found this sanctuary of fellow fans. Rachel is both thrilled and honoured to be a part of JemCon 2014. Her favourite songs include "Universal Appeal", "I Love A Scandal" and "I'm Okay" and favourite episodes are "Island Of Deception", "The Bands Break Up" and "Roxy Rumbles". Music is Rachel's chosen art form and she has played piano off and on since the age of 7. Naturally, her two favourite characters growing up were (and remain to this day) the two keyboard players -- she has an admitted soft spot for fellow keyboardists.
Damon V. D'Amore
2015 Convention Chair (messageboard ID = Synthguy)

Damon V. D'Amore has an AA in Social Sciences with a concentration in History. He was born just outside of Philadelphia in 1991, after Jem's original run. He has been a fan of Jem since the late 2000s, when he caught it on Cable while skipping school, which might make him the subject of a 'Be a Superstar' segment. He fell in love with the music first, but the story kept him hooked. He has connected with many wonderful people through JemCon and he believes that many people here really keep the spirit of Jem alive - not just the glamor, glitter fashion and fame, but also the life lessons about ourselves, and more importantly, each other.
Honourary Staff
Stefan Spierings
(messageboard ID = jemboyholland)

Stefan is currently living in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Stefan became a Jem fan when the series was re-run in 1988 in the Netherlands. Stefan and his cousin Rob taped every show aired and watched them over and over again. By the end of 1989 the dolls were all priced-down so Stefan and Rob tried to find as many as possible, until they had disappeared from the shelves. In 2004 Stefan began collecting again and in 2007 he attended his first JemCon! For Stefan and Rob, JemCon has been THE BEST experience! They've met many fellow fans from all over the world and become part of a very warm family! Stefan's personal JemCon highlight, by far, was meeting Christy Marx! Hosting JemCon 2011 "Makin' it Happen in Holland" was a new highlight for Stefan being part of the Jem community!
David Butz
(messageboard ID = trulyoutrageous)

David first came to know Jem in the summer of 2008 and was hooked after watching all of the DVD episodes. Since then, David has obtained the entire produced doll and fashion line in unopened condition. He first attended JemCon in 2009 and climbed all the way to the "Top of The Charts" (his favourite song from the cartoon) by hosting JemCon in St. Louis, Missouri in 2012. Of hosting JemCon, David says, "It was a positively surreal experience which I will remember for all time. It felt great to bring everyone together and to see so many smiling faces." David is an avid supporter of the JemCon mini-website service and all the creative possibilities it offers the Jem community. His favourite character is Roxy, and his is favourite episode is "Britrock".

JemCon 2014 TIME & PLACE

Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites

JemCon 2014: Truly Outrageous in Toronto, was held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from September 26th to 28th, 2014, at the Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites.

The Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites is ideally located directly across from the Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ). The hotel is also close to one of Canada's largest shopping malls, Square One. Downtown Toronto is a short drive or bus ride from the hotel, with a wide array of shopping and entertainment options available. Attractions include the CN Tower, the Rogers Centre - home of the Toronto Blue Jays, the Air Canada Centre - home of the Toronto Maple Leafs and a thriving theatre district. Niagara Falls is also within driving distance from the hotel for those wishing to get a closer glimpse of one of the world's natural wonders. No matter what you choose to experience, time is never running out for an outrageous adventure in Toronto!

JemCon 2014 SCHEDULE

Time Vista A Vista B
5:00pm - 6:00pm Staff & Volunteer Meeting
6:00pm JemCon Registration
11:00pm Opening Ceremonies
Friend Or Stranger: Meet & Greet Event
Trivia, Games, and Fun Galore!
Time Vista A Vista B
9:00am JemCon Registration
9:00am - 10:00am Early-Bird Access to Display & Vendor Room
9:00am - 5:00pm Display & Vendor Room Open
9:45am - 10:00am Welcome to JemCon
10:00am - 11:00am Hollywood Jem:
The Fashions and The Fame

Hosted by Garth

Discussion about Jem in 2014:
The movie and Integrity dolls
It All Depends
On The Shoes I'm In

Hosted by Liz

Panel about doll shoes and
other doll accessories
11:00am - 12:00pm Sting Sting Stingers: Stingers Theme Guest Panel
with Special Guests Ellen Gerstell & Christy Marx
12:00pm - 1:00pm LUNCH BREAK
1:00pm - 2:00pm Jemboree
(Doll Playing: B.Y.O.D.)
Super Shopper Hour
(Vendor Room)
2:00pm - 3:30pm Jem Jam: Special Guest Panel
with Special Guests Ellen Bernfeld, Ellen Gerstell,
Christy Marx, & Samantha Newark
3:30pm - 4:00pm Autograph Session
4:00pm - 5:00pm Charity Auction
5:00pm - 7:00pm DINNER BREAK
7:00pm - 3:00am Masquerade, Special Performances, Cosplay Pageant,
Karaoke, 80s Disco
Time Vista A Vista B
9:00am JemCon Registration
9:00am - 10:00am Early-Bird Access to Display & Vendor Room
9:00am - 4:00pm Display & Vendor Room Open
10:00am - 11:00am Perfect Match:
Relationships in Jem

Hosted by Daniel & Mitzy
Designing Woman:
Tivia's Master Class

Hosted by Tivia
11:00am - 12:00pm She Makes An Impression:
Cosplaying Panel

with Special Guest Siren Santina
All In The Style:
Doll Styling
Hosted by Topher

12:00pm - 1:00pm LUNCH BREAK
1:00pm - 2:00pm Jemboree
(Doll Playing: B.Y.O.D.)
Super Shopper Hour
(Vendor Room)
2:00pm - 3:30pm Click/Clash: Special Guest Panel
with Special Guests Ellen Bernfeld and Samantha Newark
3:30pm - 4:00pm Only The Beginning: JemCon 2015 & The Future of JemCon
Hosted by JemCon 2015 Chair Damon V. D'Amore
7:00pm - ??? Jem Flash and Sizzle Burlesque Show in Downtown Toronto
(tickets sold seperately)

Guest Panels

Sting Sting Stingers: Stingers Theme Guest Panel + Q&A - Special Guests Ellen Gerstell & Christy Marx provided a rapturous discussion about their work on the Jem & The Holograms animated series, as well as a few hints about the upcoming live action film. Ellen Gerstell also talked about how her role as Rapture stood in contrast to other animated work, while Christy Marx related information about her comic book and gaming work.

Jem Jam: Special Guest Panel + Q&A + Autograph Session - Special Guests Ellen Bernfeld, Ellen Gerstell, Christy Marx, and Samantha Newark took questions from attendees and talked about their experiences with Jem & The Holograms. Many aspects of the show were discussed, including the writing as well as the speaking and singing roles played by our guests. Teasers about the live action film were sprinkled in alongside trivia about the never produced Jem animated movie. The panel closed with an autograph session enjoyed by all attendees!

Click/Clash: Special Guest Panel + Q&A - Jem and Pizzazz made peace for one last panel at JemCon 2014! Special Guests Samantha Newark and Ellen Bernfeld discussed their speaking and singing roles, respectively, as well as touching on their past and current projects outside of Jem!

She Makes An Impression: Cosplaying Panel + Q&A - Special Guest Siren Santina (1986 Jem Audition contest winner) talked with attendees about her personal experiences with cosplay as a performer. Santina also gave great advice on how anyone can take what they love about a character and put it to use in their cosplay!

Doll Panels

It All Depends On The Shoes I'm In
Lead = elaineofspain (2014 Staff, Mother JemCon)
The idiosyncrasies between all the Jem dolls, accessories and sets can feel as difficult to figure out as Synergy's circuit boards. Colours, shapes, variations - you name it, Jem probably wore it. Thankfully, Liz and her vast expertise can help anyone sort out their beloved play sets and know which shoes our dolls are wearin'!

Designing Woman: Tivia's Master Class
Lead = Tivia (2014 Staff, Cosplay Coordinator / Videographer / Fashion Coordinator)
Tivia is a renassiance woman when it comes to crafty ways to express Jem love! From doll clothes, to molding and fashioning new accessories, Tivia will have you sewn up with her advice on how to make outrageous new creations for your collections.

All In The Style: Doll Styling
Lead = Mustang7981 (2014 Staff, Display Liaison)
Topher is the master hairstylist to the dolls! Ask for his tips and he'll tease you with newfound ways to add volume to your dolls' tresses.

Cartoon Panels

Hollywood Jem: The Fashions and The Fame
Lead = garth_j (2014 Staff, Co-Chair / Ottoman)
Garth moderated a lively discussion with attendees about Jem in 2014, touching on how the original series and dolls have led us to the new Integrity line and a live action movie.

Perfect Match: Relationships in Jem
Lead = Dazzler (JemCon Attendee) and forgethead (2014 Staff, Chair)
Daniel and Mitzy walked attendees through a discussion about the softer sides of Jem and the relationships presented throughout the animated show.

JemCon Panels

Only The Beginning: JemCon 2015 and The Future of JemCon
Lead = Synthguy (2014 Staff, 2015 JemCon Chair)
JemCon 2015 Chair Damon V. D'Amore shared his vision for next year's outrageous event in Philadelphia!


Entertainment is a major part of any convention and JemCon is no exception; how else would we keep the atmosphere so colorfully fresh to keep visitors coming back time and time again!?

JemCon 2014 Entertainment :: Garth

Garth Jensen (aka Jumbo Jem) lives near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His love of Jem & The Holograms began during childhood where he owned an original JEM/Jerrica doll and took on a whole new life with DVD releases of the show and the discovery of JemCon. He has also recently begun to collect some of the new dolls from the Integrity line as well as keeping himself busy with multiple hobbies and projects.

With a background in drama and english, Garth loves to express himself through writing, remixes and performance and is also a die-hard over-the-air television fan. While he is known especially for his Mariah Carey remixes, he credits Madonna and Jem both as musical influences.

Shortly after his second appearance at JemCon, Garth began experimenting with remixing Jem songs after discovering awesome acapellas online. So it was a dream come true when 2014 Con Chair Mitzy asked Garth to create a full length CD of his mixes and mashups that would be given to attendees, guests, and supporting members at Truly Outrageous In Toronto. With suggestions and contributions from many outrageous members of the Jem community, the project became a labour of love and felt like a neat way to pay tribute to Jem on the (high) heels of the Integrity doll line and upcoming movie!

Garth was honoured and thrilled to perform his latest Mix/Mash Megamix with a drag performance during the Saturday evening festivities, using props and wonderful theatrical touches. Seamless song changes, excellent mash-ups and guest vocals by "Samantha Newark", the voice Jem, kept people more than entertained! Garth was definitely Truly Outrageous in Toronto!

Most of all, Garth would like to give thanks to the amazing folks who work hard to make JemCon a special experience for all attendees! They are the truly outrageous ones!

Check out Garth's websites: and

JemCon 2014 Entertainment :: Karen

Karen is a Toronto Belly dance performer and teacher, and former burlesque performer. Known for her sensual and dramatic movements, Karen blends traditional and tribal fusion belly dance into her own modern style.

She has performed across Canada, in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Newfoundland, as well as in Paris, France. She has danced at various events such as fundraisers, corporate functions, weddings, birthday parties, street festivals, burlesque and music festivals such at NXNE, and has been featured in a number of music videos.

Karen is a proud member of Great Canadian Burlesque, and has become a regular dancer at The Blue Demons shows, a surf rock band with a heavy dose of punk rock influence, with whom she tours regularly.

Having been brought up with a classical and world music background, attending operas, ballets, studying piano, and discovering pop and rock in later years, Karen has always had a passion for the dramatic and moody, which eventually lead her to enjoy mixing traditional and modern belly dance to her own musical and theatrical sensibilities.

JemCon 2014 Entertainment :: Sweet Sinners as the Misfits

"Sweet Sinners Performance Troupe LIVE as The Misfits in "Welcome to the Jungle!"

The "Sweet Sinners" are a small, Toronto (Canada) based collective of chosen sassy performers and arty-phartsy creative types. Established (by accident!) in 2002 by it's founder HelleBelle (aka. Eriel), the members of the Sweet Sinners Troupe are models, actors, singers, dancers, musicians, cosplayers/costumers, eccentrics, artists and designers - all who love to perform and bring fun, creative ideas to life!

All of their performances, props, costumes and music remixes are created or put together by themselves, with love and care - merely for their intense passion for the performing arts. Though the content varies, they often like to run amok bringing their favourite childhood or animated characters to life, aiming to create living versions of what they feel they'd be like if they roamed the Earth..."

Read all about the Sweet Sinners Performance Troupe at their official website.

JemCon 2014 Entertainment :: Tivia

Tivia has been sharing her sign language interpretations to music for over 15 years and has been bringing these unique presentations to JemCon since 2011. Her skills developed while working with both deaf and hearing students in a unique children's theater environment where music and sign language always went hand in hand.

She has won honours in both state and regional competitions for signing to music. This skill also proved useful in a recent karaoke video contest which she won without actually singing a note...just using sign language!

She is a longtime fan and avid collector of all things related to Jem. She has a background in media and creative arts and has used her skills in these areas to direct stage productions, children's theater and has even done some animation voiceover work herself. She loves to make custom creations and credits the Jem series as having an early influence on her and inspiring her creative nature.

Frequently called upon to emcee special events, Tivia has a background in pageants in her home state. She is a whiz on the mic and along with her partner in Jem crime, Allie Galland (gypsyallie), pulled off the amazing and most successful JemCon 2014 Cosplay Pageant and Contest.

Tivia is honoured to be showcased at JemCon 2014 to wow us with her "Truly Outrageous" talents with all of us fans!


The special guests who attended JemCon 2014: Truly Outrageous in Toronto, are listed below.

Samantha Newark :: The speaking voice of "Jem/Jerrica"

Samantha Newark is an accomplished voice-over artist, best known for her role as Jem/Jerrica/Jamie on the Truly Outrageous animated series Jem & The Holograms. The series has gained an increased following in recent years with DVD releases, airings on The Hub and a new line of collectible dolls from Integrity. In addition to Jem, Samantha has lent her voice-over talents to a wide array of roles in television, film and gaming. Some of her work includes Transformers, Steven Spielberg's Hook, God of War, and Twisted Metal Black.

Samantha is also a talented singer, songwriter and musician. Samantha has released two solo albums and continues to explore new sonic adventures via live performances and collaborations. As a performing ASCAP writer, her music has been licensed to popular TV series such as Gossip Girl, MTV's Laguna Beach, Punk'd, and My Super Sweet Sixteen.

Samantha's impressive catalog of work has garnered an international following and she is looking forward to even more exciting projects in the future. Samantha is currently working on new music with long time friend and producer Dave Polich, as well as lending her diverse and beautiful background vocals to the longest running Pink Floyd tribute band in the US, Bricks In The Wall.

You can find out more about Samantha at her website:

You can also follow her on YouTube, iTunes, Facebook and Twitter!

Christy Marx :: Jem™ Animated Series Creator

Christy Marx has built an impressive career by creating unique worlds through her storytelling. Her work spans many different mediums, including television, film, animation, gaming, graphic novels and non-fiction educational books.

Aside from Jem & The Holograms, some of Christy's outrageous credits include Babylon 5, Spider-Man, G.I. Joe, ReBoot, X-Men: Evolution, Stargate Infinity, He-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Christy Marx has been recognized for her overall body of work with the AWC-WGA Animation Writing Award. Marx has also put together a how-to manual for aspiring authors, titled Writing for Animation, Comics and Games as well as editing and co-authoring the book Write Your Way Into Animation and Games.

More recently, Marx has returned to the world of comic book writing, penning tales for DC's Birds of Prey and rebooting Amethyst for the Sword of Sorcery series. Marx also continues her role as Senior Game Designer of Narrative Design for the social gaming company Zynga.

Visit Christy's official website for much more on her prolific career:

Ellen Gerstell :: The speaking voice of "Rapture"

Fans have been under Ellen Gerstell's spell since she joined Jem & The Holograms as Rapture, the mystical and conniving member of the Stingers.

In addition, Ellen has voiced beloved 80's pup Poochie, Tootoo in the American tv version of Monchhichis, and multiple roles in My Little Pony. She can also be heard in Dragon's Lair, Blondie, Mighty Max and Tenchi Muyo as well as many other animated series.

Ellen now brings her wide array of experience to her current role as a voice coach and music teacher in California.

Ellen Bernfeld :: The singing voice of "Pizzazz"

Ellen Bernfeld, best known by the Jem community for her role as bad girl singing character, "Pizzazz" from the Jem animated series, now performs as "Norma Human", singing with satirical wit about world events and against political injustice for the masses. Ellen was also "Menage", the 80s disco artist, and the voice of ten different singing characters in "Songs For Dogs" and "Songs For Cats" - writing the songs with her partner, Anne Bryant (also of Jem song writer fame).

A longtime NYC studio singer, songwriter and actress, Ellen has sung popular commercial jingles and sung with major recording artists on their albums, while also releasing her own singles and albums around the world.

Keep track of Ellen's alter-ego, "Norma Human", at and on Twitter at

Siren Santina :: Jem's "Truly Outrageous" Audition Contest winner

Siren Santina first rose to fame back in 1986 when she was the winner of Jem's "Truly Outrageous" Audition Contest.

Currently, Siren Santina is a burlesque performer, educator, and producer from Knoxville, Tennessee. Miss Santina has traveled throughout the country, performing at burlesque and vaudeville festivals from coast to coast including notable events such as The Colorado Burlesque Festival, The New Orleans Burlesque Festival, The Show Me Burlesque Festival, and The Burlesque Hall of Fame's "Movers, Shakers, and Innovators" showcase.

In 2011 she made it reign at the Southern Fried Burlesque Festival in Atlanta, GA, where she was crowned the first ever Southern Fried Burlesque Queen. In 2012 Miss Santina represented the United States at the World Burlesque Games in London, England. Siren is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Salomé Cabaret Burlesque Revue and enjoys drinking hard liquor and reading about mummies (at the same time). Also, she really likes cats.

Learn more about Siren Santina at her official website.


JemCon visitors can expand their collections by buying goods from our vendor and dealer tables.

Our visitors can also expand their knowledge with renewed awareness of the wonderful Jem collectibles and memorabilia on show in our Jem display.


Prohibited ItemsProhibited Items
This includes (but is not limited to):
  • Bootleg copies of media, including CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, soundtracks, movies, television shows, cartoons, video games, or computer programs
  • Fansubs (unlicensed "fan-subtitled" television programs or movies, where audio dialogue is unofficially translated and subtitled into other languages)
  • Unlicensed merchandise with copyrighted Jem logo or imagery, including t-shirts, buttons, checkbook covers, etc.
  • Copies of items including model sheets, animation cels, the Jem Bible, or scripts
  • Food and drink items
  • Weapons, including metallic swords, knives or scissors
Any vendor found selling unlicensed merchandise will be asked to removed the items. JemCon reserves the right to expel from the premises any vendor found selling unlicensed Jem merchandise who refuses to remove said materials from their table(s).

Merchandise SuggestionsMerchandise Suggestions
Besides Jem items, a wide variety of toys and dolls will appeal to JemCon attendees, including:
  • Darci, Barbie (especially 70s and 80s), Mego, and other 12½" fashion dolls
  • 80s My Little Pony
  • He-man and She-Ra
  • 80s Strawberry Shortcake
  • Other vintage 80s toys
  • Animation cels, especially from 80s cartoons
  • Custom made dolls, doll clothing, and doll accessories
  • Fan art is allowed if it meets JemCon Fan Art Guidelines (below)
JemCon Fan Art GuidelinesJemCon Fan Art Guidelines
Fan artwork may be sold at JemCon as long as it meets certain guidelines:
  • No unflattering or controversial fan art is allowed. Depictions of violence, drug use, smoking, nudity, crude poses, or anything sexual (beyond what was shown in the cartoon) are not allowed.
  • Please keep fan art G-rated as JemCon is a family friendly convention.
  • Fan art accurately depicting dolls, characters, fashions, playsets, etc., is allowed as long as it doesn't too closely resemble produced Jem art.
  • Anything that could be a tracing or copy of existing art not allowed.
  • Fan fiction is not allowed.
JemCon staff reserve the right to remove any fan art violating the JemCon fan art guidelines. If you are unsure whether your artwork is within JemCon guidelines, please contact JemCon on the JemCon vendor enquiry form with samples of your artwork at any time before the convention.

Attending Vendor List
Below is a confirmed list of dealers who will be selling goods at JemCon:
  • I Had That - Vintage toys, dolls, games, and plush from the 70s, 80s, and 90s
  • Jolie Stripes - Original art inspired by Jem and the Holograms
  • Lot Topic - Jem dolls, Transformers, and other 80s toys, dolls, and fashions, as well as Anime figures and handmade jewelry
  • Beyond Jem - Original Jem dolls, fashions, accessories, and other custom items
  • Christy's Creations - Jewelry, buttons, and other accessories
  • Jem Con Official Merchandise - Our official doll fashions, prints, t-shirts, and souvenirs plus other Jem items
  • kitten hiss - Hand made, one of a kind jewelry and accessories, including a limited selection of Jem items
  • Tivia's Custom Creations - Original doll fashions and accessories for Jem dolls


The designated charity for JemCon 2014: Truly Outrageous in Toronto, was Toronto Cat Rescue!

The mission of Toronto Cat Rescue to rescue and find homes for abandoned, sick or injured cats from situations of abuse, neglect or imminent euthanasia.

Toronto Cat Rescue

Toronto Cat Rescue relies on volunteers to foster cats in their homes until a cat lover adopts them. Having a network of Foster Homes allows every cat in their care to be part of someone�s home. It gives a rescued cat a chance to adapt to living with a family, sometimes with other cats, dogs and/or children. On average they have 300+ cats available for adoption, see their Available Cats.

With over 100,000 homeless street cats in Toronto, Toronto Cat Rescue is very active in the Feral Cat community. They support and educate volunteers in the care and feeding of feral cat colonies and support TNR(M): Trap, Neuter, Return, Monitor efforts.

Toronto Cat Rescue is a registered (Registration# 889-198-727-RR-0001), no-kill charity run by volunteers. As an all-volunteer charitable organization, Toronto Cat Rescue needs donations of every kind, from pet food and other cat supplies to the cash required to pay veterinary bills and even Canadian Tire money. All donations go directly to the care of rescued cats � every penny counts!

To learn more about Toronto Cat Rescue, please visit their website.

Due to the items donated by our generous members, we raised over $1200 for Toronto Cat Rescue!

JemCon 2014 CONTESTS

Here at JemCon, we like to encourage visitor and member participation and what better way to do that (and air your creative streak) than with a selection of fun contests.


The winning design was announced on February 16th, 2014. Choosing was hard from so many gorgeous designs but Astral will be "Truly Outrageous in Toronto" in this ready for the showgirl design by TJ Schuessler (Milky Mixer).
Winning fashion contest entry by TJ Schuessler sample card art image
* The development of the produced boxed fashion.


As a special treat for JemCon 2014, Co-Chair / Ottoman Garth Jensen created 14 original remixes and mashups for release on an exclusive CD he called "Mix/Mash." Designing the cover of this album was the theme for the Album Art Design contest in 2014. With such an open theme, we ended up receiving too many good submissions to choose just one.

The winners of the JemCon 2014 Mix/Mash Album Art contest were announced on July 15th, 2014. Congratulations to Jessica (faejemgrl), Jolie (joliestripes), and Stefanie (jemgal), whose designs were used in the artwork of what turned out to be a highly sought after one-of-a-kind CD available to our attending and supporting members.

Design by Jessica
Design by Jessica
Design by Jolie
Design by Jolie
Design by Stefanie
Design by Stefanie

Produced Mix/Mash cover and tracklisting
Produced "Mix/Mash" cover and tracklisting

Produced Mix/Mash booklet interior
Produced "Mix/Mash" booklet interior


A big special thanks to TJ Schuessler (Milky Mixer) for putting together a Truly Outrageous vision that unified all of the fabulous artwork!


What was the theme?
Given that our con chair Mitzy calls herself the biggest Stingers fan ever, she wanted to have this years fan fiction contest be all about the mischievous blonde band from Germany.

We asked for original stories heavily featuring the Stingers (though other characters could be included as well). And the entries we received were a Perfect Match and it was very difficult to pick a winner.

The author of the winning story received kudos and notoriety among Jem fans and the story itself had the pleasure of gracing the pages of JemCon 2014: Truly Outrageous in Toronto's official program.

Judging Criteria
The fan-fiction entries were read by a special panel of judges chosen for this contest. They were judged based on these criteria:

The winning story
The winning entry for the 2014 Stingers Fan Fiction Contest is More Than Fantasy by Christian (Riot's Hope)!

All of the stories entered for this contest were very well received by our judges and according to them, choosing a winner was no easy task! Here are the other stories that are worth much more than an honorable mention in alphabetical order:

JemCon 2014 BANNERS

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